Saturday , May 28 2022

Application for repayment to EFCA: When to bring the application


"Harassment" that breaks after claims for retrospectively consideration is considered i EFPA and ETEAP. If the Fund responds, the restricted period starts to count again from the time of the answer.

If it expires for a period of 6 months and the Fund does not respond, it is assumed that there is a fraudulent refusal of the claim. After 6 months, a new period of restriction begins.

Therefore, as publishes, the submission of the application does not result in a legal obligation to repay money, but it does not "rescue" the restricted period claims and open a schedule the movements. Here is the tool that gives retirement time to decide what to do.

For most pensioners, a claim restriction is 5 years. That is, the pensioner can claim amounts for up to 5 years of age. For state pensioners, the restriction period can be two years, according to legal decisions.

After the pensioner has submitted the application and after the six months expires without answer, a new 5 year period (or a new 2-year period for public pensioners), where the pensioner can apply to the administrative courts at any time, claiming the amounts to which he or she is entitled.

It is remembered that the applications are now submitted electronically only to the EFFC platform and have exceeded half a million.

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