Saturday , May 21 2022

Andreas Mikroutsikos – A “bomb” dropped in the air by Sissy Christidou for presenter


Where will Andreas Mikroutsikos be found unexpectedly?

His attendance at the last Big Brother Live may have been intense yet, but Andreas Mikroutsikos has another surprise planned for the television audience as he will be at J2US tonight.

In particular, as Sissy Christidou revealed on air “Ela Hamogela”, the favorite presenter and expert commentator on the SKAI reality show for one night only will jury the OPEN singing show with presenter Nikos Koklonis.

“Sorry, we have interference from the main producer. Andreas Mikroutsikos will be on the J2US jury. So alive in committee, Andreas Mikroutsikos is the unquestionable judge that Nikos Koklonis announced to us last week “, Sissy Christidou noted characteristically in her morning show.

We expect to see this unexpected appearance that Andreas Mikroutsikos will make!

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