Wednesday , December 8 2021

Xbox One brings a mouse and keyboard to 14 games


Already next week, it will be possible to play Fortnite on the Xbox One with mouse and keyboard. There are more games that follow. In total, 14 games will make the first emphasis. Includes Warframe, War Thunder and Warface.

Yesterday there was a big Xbox event, the X018. One of the Microsoft publications was that the Xbox One supports mouse and keyboard for some games. One of the first games to innovate is Epic's Free2Play shooter Fortnite.

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Warframe was a pioneer: Although the announcement has been spurred in space for a long time, it took a long time for her to go there, and the support for the Xbox One became understandable.

In particular, in September 2018. As Microsoft announced that the Warframe online shooter in October would be the first game that will support.

When is Fortnite? Starting next week, starting on the 14th of November, Fortnite is supported. That is now publishing Microsoft.

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Players "Mouse and keyboard" play with Fortnite against PC gamers

Is not that unfair? Fortnite has introduced an extra "manager matching". Who is on Xbox One with a mouse and keyboard in the pipeline that plays against other mouse and keyboard players – including PC players.

That's what Epic was introduced to enable a fair playing field when people turn to the control of emulators such as Xim. Therefore, nothing should change.

These 12 games are still coming

In addition to Warframe and Fortnite, there are 12 more games in the first push, which can be played with mouse and keyboard.

These games are still being supported in November:

  • Bomber Cry
  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • Strange Brigade
  • Vermintide 2
  • Was Thunder
  • X-Morff Defense

modern war code

These games should be supported later:

  • Dead children
  • Minion Master
  • moonlighter
  • energy
  • Warface
  • Wargroove

Work with Razer to planMicrosoft also announced plans to develop mouse and keyboard with Razer, which are then intended for the Xbox One. They should be wireless.

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controversial theme: For years it has been discussed that players can access the Xbox One with their mouse and keyboard. Until then, players who really wanted to play like this have gone around with emulators like Xim.

However, that meant that they had been accused of "cheating" because managers of players felt disadvantaged. This is an old argument:

  • Play with the manager has to connect to the sofa and relaxed, relaxed play
  • Play with mouse and keyboard is connected to desk and stance

Many gamers consol of the opinion: Who wants to play with a mouse and keyboard, it should do it on the computer.

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