Wednesday , July 6 2022

Wisely: With this tric, Brit avoids Ryanair's baggage policies



Only a handbag, laptop bag or small package can take passengers since the beginning of November on a Ryanair flight with no extra charge in the cabin. Permitted carrier bags may not exceed 40cm x 20cm x 25cm.

The Ryanair Lee Cimino multi-leaflet takes the new handbag policy, with Ryanair claiming to reduce the delays of air, thoroughly against the grain. The young Brit has deceived the Irish airline successfully, the British Independent reports. He organized a short tour on his birthday and organized a trip for the 3rd of Manchester from Belfast to Belfast. Cimino did not read the new regulations until after the order and they could not believe that he could not take trolley on the table with no extra charge in the future.

The Ryanair multi-leaflet goes too far to the new handbag rule

The 30-year-old from Staffordshire did not want to settle for that. "I'll love Ryanair," he said in a video posted on Facebook. "They fly to me everywhere". But the new regulation goes too far. "I was very sorry, but I had an idea."

Quickly Cimino had redesigned his old coat by tailor: in a way that would fit all his luggage to his cotton pockets. Extra pockets, toilet bags and even old box bins with zippers have been incorporated into the old bee coat to create more storage space. Anything that would be taken with him in small trolley bags should fit into the cotton.

Cimino manages without problems with the coat in the plane

In the video of Cimino Facebook, you can even see it stuffing some shoes to lining the coat. "That will never work," he explains laughing in the video as he tries on the bulky coat. But when he arrived at the Machester airport in the morning of November 3, a 30-year-old man from Staffordshire transfers the security check area without difficulty.

"I just put the coat into one of the bowls on the tape," said Cimino to the Independent. "I'll cost some nerves, but I'm going to go to the gate and hit the board of the plane with no problems." With a turbulent look, he makes himself comfortable at the Ryanair aircraft, as seen in the video. On board: the bulky coat with complete bags.

Overall, Cimino the Independent said the conversion of the coat between 25 and 30 pounds, which would cost between 29 and 34 euros, would say. However, in order to take another piece of handbags, such as trolley, on board, he would have had to pay only £ 6 when ordering or then £ 8 (about € 7 or € 9). But Cimino wants to wear a coat on other Ryanair trips – and then the transformation would have paid. Other travelers, he would recommend it.

Ryanair does not believe in the idea of ​​British

According to Ryanair, however, no such arrangements are needed. A spokesman told the British newspaper, "Thanks to a larger bag allowance (40 per cent more) and the cheaper check option (£ 8 for 10kg, Editor's note: 8 euros in Germany) Ryanair customers can bring everything they need without having to look at the plane like the Michelin men or Joey of Friends. "(According to)

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