Tuesday , January 25 2022

Will Cologne get Modeste Darmstadt out of their heads?


Cologne – After the international cut waiting for the FC FC first, the next task on Saturday (13 clocks) at Narmstadt. At the press conference on Thursday, however, there was one at the center, who was not there at all and is not yet eligible to play: Anthony Modeste.

Coach Markus Anfang (44) and a new assault Anthony Modeste (30).

Coach Markus Anfang (44) and a new assault Anthony Modeste (30).

Since its official return last Saturday (November 17), the French Anthony Modeste strikes the "Geißbockheim". Many fans link to him the desire for a sports resurrection of the 1st FC FC, which should lead first in the first section.

However, the French yet does not apply to play for the game away in the second section. And apart from that, the attacker's fitness should first be tested.

In Darmstadt, FC Markus Anfang coach is likely to return to the last minute duo, Cordoba and Terodde (five goals against Dresden). The start was so lively otherwise expressing itself clearly: "What you work, you can keep it."

Instead of a test game, some of the professionals in the international ones were athletic units on the plan. This Junior followed tactical exercises.

Coach Start wants to be ready for the objector. He believes that the Hesse is "hard to play". The ten act on the table with many long balls, but they are thoughtful. His team had to stop anti-stopping over the Heller quickly. The start is also hoping that the team will be behind 8-1 victory over Dresden and the subsequent carnival break with the game can move away.

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