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WhatsApp Membership: More Storage for Only 59 Euro?


"The demand to pay"

WhatsApp currently removes backups that are older than one year. Now many messenger users receive an email, as they can pay 59 euros for one year membership and more backup storage. Should you upgrade now or is the post "Request for Payment" only fishing? Networld explains to you.

Is there a life-long WhatsApp membership for € 399?

Is there a life-long WhatsApp membership for € 399? (Source: Mactrunk /

From November 12th, the regular WhatsApp backup will not create a burden on your Google Drive storage, but WhatsApp will also delete backups that are older than one year. The confusion about this announcement is now exploited by scammers and sent by e-mail emails "Heise" technology magazine. They will be reminded of a charge warning us that your account is about to be removed within 48 hours because your storage is in full.

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If you click on the button that has included in the email, you will end on suspicious websites, which offer you membership for a year at € 59.99 or "membership lifetime "for € 399. Linguistic timber, a few text lines and a link to external pages that want your credit card data: This does not fit with WhatsApp Messenger, which has been completely free since years.

Police warned

Perhaps you already suspect that, this post is a fraud attempt. Even the police are now warning about the scam. However, unexpected people are still falling for fake messages. In addition to the example described at the beginning, other variations of the mail circulate in the network. In the following gallery, we show what they like.

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  • reminder payment

    Hello XXX,

    Comment! Your WhatsApp Messenger message account has expired.

    Your conversation is full, the account will run off within 48 hours.

    Extend your membership as soon as possible to avoid losing your data (photos, videos and history …)

    Just by clicking on the following link can you update your account membership:

    Date 05.11.2018 – 16:32
    Billed: XXX
    Number: € 59

    Upgrade now

according to


Usually, this post sender has the name "whatsapp" or "[email protected]". Already in the subject you will either be notified in English or German badly for an alleged subscription or has asked you to update your information about payment. At least here you should be surprised.

In any case, give data!

If you did not die laughing when reading the post because of lack of grammar, nothing serious has happened so far. But if you clicked on the link, do not enter your data. Because these could then be used by the offenders, for example, to hijack up their accounts.

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Even if the e-mail indicates that after 48 hours your media (photos, videos, GIFs) are deleted, you do not have to worry about your data. The intention of this publication is to put pressure on you to pay the amount or enter your details. Just ignore the post. For more fraud notices, follow our ticker and you should find suspicious messages, pages or similar, always writing it in the comments.

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