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What's important in the largest German indoor riding turkey


Stuttgart (dpa) – The Champions of Every World here. The "Master Masters" riding tournament in Stuttgart offers a unique variety in Germany. Gold winners in three Olympic knights disciplines give the weekend at the Schleyer Hall.

What else do you need to know:

How important is Stuttgart?

The event is the largest German indoor riding tournament. For the dragon in the German show, Stuttgart is the first home of the World Cup season. They want to earn money at the event and collect the World Cup's important points on Sunday. Dressage also has the World Cup status.

How does she jump the World Cup of the Show?

The German knights in the previous four stations celebrated a victory by Daniel Deußer in Verona. Hans-Dieter Dreher of Eimeldingen, who scored points in Oslo and Helsinki and ran fourth in the site, was also starting to kick the World Cup season. Swiss Swiss Fuchs is leading ahead of Kevin Staut (France) and Steve Guerdat (Switzerland).

How does the series work?

Stuttgart is the fifth of 13 stations in the Western Europe league. In the individual stages, which includes Leipzig in January, the cyclists can collect points to get one of the 18 start-up sites for the final. The World Cup winner will be decided only in the last tournament in April in Gothenburg.

What's still the show cyclists?

The tournament at the Schleyerhalle offers next to the World Cup with another exam exam exam another high-ranking exam. A total of nine international competitions attract a prize of € 322,500 and two cars worth € 145,000.

How is the world cup rolling?

Stuttgart is close to Neumünster, one of the two German World Cup stations and also offers the master. In the World Cup, after two out of ten stages, Benjamin Werndl from Tuntenhausen leads ahead of Dorothee Schneider (Framersheim). Isabell Gwerth also travels in the World Cup in Stuttgart, but does not accept points – as the defense champion she automatically qualifies for the final.

What else does Stuttgart offer?

The audience has sports, shows and almost all stars. At the Schleyerhalle, world championships and showers (Simone Blum), in the dress (Isabell Werth) and flexibility (Canter Rosalind). However, Michael Jung's favorite audience is missing because the Olympic champion is injured.

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