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Wendler claims: That was the real reason for his “DSDS” escape


Michael Wendler spoke in a live video on Instagram. Image: screenshot

Wendler reports live on Instagram and shakes with raw allegations

At 8 pm sharp, Michael Wendler reported live on Instagram on Tuesday night. He had announced the gig in a mail a few days ago and had also promoted it on his Telegram channel. What did he have to say to his followers? You might imagine a bit after her previous posts on Telegram: Raw allegations about the corona pandemic and alleged electoral fraud in the USA.

On Instagram, he wanted to learn or even convert those who aren’t on Attila Hildmann’s favorite platform. And what Wendler had to say now in parts had an almost comedic character – if not all that serious and tragic.

First, he explained to up to nearly 35,000 live viewers that there were no locks or “corps mountains” in Florida. It’s happy to be there, because what’s happening in democratically run states is completely different. The measures here and here in Germany are in his eyes “deprivation of liberty”.

Wendler explained on Instagram the reason for his sudden departure from Germany. Image: screenshot

The end of Wendler’s career? “Ridiculous”

Apart from that, though, he spoke to explain in person what had happened in recent weeks. During the weeks he was bullied by the media, he said. That the end of his career is repeatedly predicted in the media? “Ridiculous,” he explains.

For him this year he has been extremely successful. “I got a really, really good run”, he says – most of all because of RTL, which saw potential in him and Laura. And even Oliver Pocher can’t deny that he was part of this campaign. All of his programs and documentaries with Laura were very successful, he reports – and then asked “DSDS”. For him it was the biggest thing of all, as he went on to say. He could never have imagined he would participate there.

But his fears were unfounded, even with Dieter Bohlen he got on very well. The Bohlen is a “very elegant person”, the Wendler announced. But here we are with the friendly words about the show.

The Wendler also reported how he had sought a conversation with RTL and the managers of the “DSDS” early to make it clear that he would no longer be at the casting show in the next lock-in period or as soon as a guest had to close. This is exactly what Wendler had said in earlier statements.

Statements at the “DSDS” press conference had “injured” Laura

Now, however, he mentioned other points that caused him to travel back to the USA early and which led to his decision to leave the “DSDS” jury. One thing in particular is exciting.

Michael Wendler stressed that Laura would have had an official position in “DSDS”. That was even stated contractually with RTL and Vox. But when at the press conference, when asked by watson, RTL entertainment director Kai Sturm claimed that Laura was solely responsible for Wendler’s “salvation” and otherwise had no job Laura was extremely “injured”.

Letting her sit alone in the hotel room was out of the question for him. And because Laura wasn’t allowed to enter the U.S. on her own because of the travel regulations, they flew back to Florida together – and we all know too well what happened then.

Wendler spreads the tales of a raw conspiracy

Finally, the Wendler let his live viewers participate in his swaggering crown again, raging against the federal government, which means “it’s not good for us” and announced, with the new infection protection law “that anyone who is not vaccinated quickly enough will be able to escape vaccination”. The strangest claim, however, is that if Trump had not become US President in 2016, a “false pandemic” would have been declared much earlier.

In the end, Wendler had only one thing to say: “It’s very serious and if you still don’t understand it, you can’t help.” In the face of this live Instagram video, it should be clear now who can’t be helped anymore …


Michael Wendler is now totally nuts on Telegram

It’s only been a few days since Michael Wendler publicly related himself and his views. He is neither a corona denier nor a conspiracy theorist. He also wants to opt out of Telegram’s courier service. But then he recreated his account and continued to spread raw theories about the corona pandemic and the political situation in the USA. Then his manager Markus Krampe separated from him.

Since then, Michael Wendler seems to have lost all prohibitions …

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