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"Voice of Germany" 2018: The applicant brings the jury to hopelessness – "It really means"


In "The Voice of Germany" candidates put everything in the blind auditions. Singing a song by Eric Clapton with a guitar completely out of tune in hand is a gross mistake.

"Voice of Germany": a candidate sings with a guitar full of tone

Update from November 16, 2018: In fact, "The Voice of Germany" style does not make fun of candidates or their performances. But there are also situations where even the best coaches lose their composite.

Here's Mattis Laustroer (19) featuring guitar and "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. After a few seconds, Yvonne Catterfeld, Mark Forster, Michi Beck, Smudo and even Paddy Kelly did not know what was happening.

Before his great appearance, Mattis had emphasized her close relationship with a musical instrument: "I'm almost my guitar and I feel well with her."

Choosing a bad one, as it appears first. Paddy Kelly has crossed her arm tight in front of her chest and smiling smiles. Yvonne Catterfeld looks scared and wrinkles her stomach and says "it's really mean". "I believe that the guitar could have been corrected," Mark Forster said immediately.

This sounds that professionals have a real ear, but who have lost television appearance, watch the video from "The Voice of Germany" again. Especially, there is no need for great ears for the ruling.

In the second half, Yvonne Catterfeld presses the driver: "Finding the right tone with a detuned guitar is really impossible. I tried to do without it and I realized: That's a great voice."

"The Voice of Germany" in ProSieben: Mark Forster finishes a casting show

Update from November 15: In "The Voice of Germany" coaches fight for team talents and for some candidates the casting jurors do a lot of work.

Mark Forster (34) and Yvonne Catterfeld have been good at Battlen in recent years. There was competition between the colleagues. Without throwing, the paper star and the fragile bees were scarce enough.

This should be the end of "The Voice of Germany", such as Mark Forster opposite the magazine cosmopolitan (November Issue): "I also wanted to bury the hatchet with Yvonne Catterfeld this year. I can only say so much: that does not always work."

His colleague Michael Patrick Kelly would have been moved to rethink. "He has such a calm and serenity like Yoda. Paddy also lived in the monastery for six years. I think that's quite interesting",

One that works out will be shown on ProSieben (8:15 pm) on Thursday evening and on Sat.1 (8:15 pm) on Sunday.

"Voice of Germany": Great surprise! Trainers do not doubt who they have here

Update from November 10: The candidate, Amanda Lena Jakucs, "Goose Bumpses" on Thursday "The Voice of Germany" gave his interpretation of the "Stargazing" song by Kygo proud of three in four coaches as much pushing on for the driver. Yvonne Catterfeld, Mark Forster and Michael Patrick Kelly really wanted to get the 23 year olds in their team.

Only Michi Beck and Muddy & The Four Fantastic were impressed by Amanda Jakucs' alarms to turn around. Ironically! "That would be so happy if the fantasies had weighed, okay?" Coach Mark Forster was suddenly as she came out who was standing in front of her.

Amanda Lena Jakucs and the "Stargazing" ballad sang "The Voice".

© Screenshot

Amanda Lena Jakucs revealed she was married – not for anyone, but to a Fantas friend. "Or not?" Michi Beck asked astonishment. The 23-year-old was excited: "I'll give you a suggestion: He broke it, it was with you four years ago. He was pulled out by the taroi."

The penny came to Smudo – remembered Patrick's former candidate, who was trained four years ago by The Fantastic Four on "The Voice of Germany". "Where is he ?!", He wanted to know. Then, Amanda Jakuc's husband stopped the platform with great glory, hugged and kissed his first wife, then the Fantasies.

Finally, Amanda Lena Jakucs decided for the Michael Patrick Kelly team. He had promised Swabian to believe that he was "innumerable" and emphasized that he already felt a "concept" – which had probably appeared.

News from 9 November: Yvonne Catterfeld is shocking her male colleagues

Update from November 9, 2018: With Yvonne Catterfeld probably from "The Voice of Germany", he went through the horse, as it was called beautiful. In order to convince Abdullah Azad's talent from his team, he was able to hold a sentence that marveled his male colleagues.

"I'm just about you," said Yvonne Catterfeld. These six words were grossing as "The Voice" coaches.

"That's definitely! You can not say that, then it will come in any case in your team," said Mark Forster, who had also pushed the hunter. Yvonne Catterfeld's sentence is just over the lips. Looking back, maybe some embarrassment.

"You have to be careful what you say and who …", Catterfeld now wrote a video post on Instagram, which shows this scene. With his shameful offer (hashtag: #ichmachmichnacktvordir), the 38-year-old, however, had completely succeeded. Abdullah Azad is in his team. The word "slip-up" verb probably does not forget its male colleagues so fast.

Yvonne Catterfeld sends a crazy love message to Michael Patrick Kelly's "The Voice of Germany" colleague

Berlin – Is this the opportunity for Yvonne Catterfeld? At the interview on the "Late Night Berlin" show with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf Michael Michael Patrick was mentioned – he is a Catterfeld colleague with "The Voice of Germany".

Recently, Kelly had made some slip of the word with a slip of the word. After the competitor, Eun Chae Rhee admitted that her grandmother wanted her to be on television, Kelly had answered, "I love grannies." When Rhee responded in horror with "What?", Repeated Kelly's statement, "Well, I like Goddess."

Catterfeld now admitted Klaas with a wink that she was on Kelly – and so he had a crazy idea for her and Klaas Heufer. Catterfeld wants to give her a picture of herself, and she is hidden as grandma.

Yvonne Catterfeld's Michael Patrick Kelly: "A sweetheart to eat"

How did the idea come from? Catterfeld had played an old woman in the movie "Suddenly 70!" In 2012, so Klaas was simply a picture printed and placed in a golden frame. Her suggestion to Catterfeld: Give this picture to Kelly. She was enthusiastic about the idea and added with chuckle, "I've been standing on Paddy for a little now! And I come through as grandma."

To complete a love message, Catterfeld signed the crazy gift with the words: "I can love sweets like you and love to eat!" Is the gift with a secret love arriving well, it's still seen. At least in the next episode "The Voice", Kelly's response should be seen.

To clarify: they are Yvonne Catterfeld in relation to the actor Oliver Wnuk, who are with them. Certainly a ban on Kelly is not banned.

Read about Michael Patrick Kelly: He's suddenly going from "The Voice of Germany" to a competition show

By the way: "The Voice" must fight with incredible viewers.

Meanwhile, Rammstein Taith dates and locations have become known.

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