Tuesday , May 17 2022

The farmer is looking for a wife: Farmer Denise sends Till home


Farmer Denise throws Till out

Till: “I hope you are happy with your decision”

Organic farmer Denise Till is very optically attractive, but: “Simply put, you’re not the type that fits my life,” she justifies the expulsion. Sascha beams and Till looks silly from the laundry. “I have to accept it. Hope you are happy with your decision,” said tattoo man Mucki.

Till beats one out again to say goodbye

Before Till gets in the taxi home, he knocks one out. Denise & Sascha should be a dreamy couple? Not for the disappointing till. While he thanks farmer Denise for the “cool time”, he steps in when we say goodbye: “I wouldn’t bet it would last you long.” You can see in the video what the lifeguard still has to say and how Denise and Sascha respond to Till’s farewell words.

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