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Tears "Adam is looking for Eva": Gina-Lisa is really flying?


Bad joke or bitter reality? Since the last Saturday, incredible and normal celebrities want to sail for a future no longer and try to find love on the luxury buffet with Adam on luxury fun. Between the reality star Gina-Lisa Lohfink (32) and Martin has already cracked OK. But does their sweeping developments end before it can be serious? The men must send a wife at home and decide against Gina!

The choice is Mahta 32 years old and competitive, how RTL Disclosed in video. The Adams makes the choice easy – despite the fleet between Martin and the flower: "Gina, we do not like you, you bring a lot of fun to you, we're lovely, but you're in multiple times", Antonio and Martin justify the dissolution. The VIP is surprised, he can not hold his tears back and tell everyone a great deal until the testosterone duo decides the situation.

"I did not expect the Gina reaction, I was sorry for that, but I think that I have to pull the joke for it," explained Martin. The pre-GNTM girl falls from the heart and forgives her date partner. Mahta is sent home instead, she did not contribute enough. The 38-year-old man assumes that the men are not bad: "I have noticed that I have no interest now."

Each episode of "Adam sucht Eva" will be available only on TVNOW from 04.11.2018.

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"Adam is looking for Eva" -Normalo Martin and Gina-Lisa Lohfink
Antonino and Mahta in Aberystwyth MG RTL D

Antonino and Mahta are "Adam is trying to Eve"
Mahta, who's involved in it MG RTL D

Mahta, who is participating in "Adam is trying to Eve"

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