Friday , August 19 2022

Swap love for money | ONLINE TIME


Alex Blumberg became an entrepreneur and was listened to by tens of thousands of people. In his podcast StartUp The radio journalist documented how he established his podcast Gimlet Media. How his enthusiasm for podcasting went into profit driven demand from venture capitalists. As his wife laughed at him for the crazy name tips to the company. How he had to rows later, on the one hand to release workers on the verge of burning out and on the other hand, to start new successful shows constantly. This was often nice human, approachable and exciting. StartUp Gimlet Media has made all the ingredients successful over the years.

At the beginning of February, Blumberg has Gimlet Media the music streaming platform Spotify To sell, for about 230 million dollars, it is said. There is no word about it StartUp to hear. But others speak so much more about the deal: from the "first acquisition" of the podcast scene there are millions more speech of investments and occupation in the industry. "The capitalists are coming," heading the online culture magazine vulture,

Especially in the US, it is discussed whether podcasts are going through all the commercialization of the Internet. Either one exchanges there is openness, listener loyalty, transparency and the love for the niche for money.

100 million for unique shows

The podcast scene seemed like a place where the internet was still right. Hate arguments in social media, podcasts spent quiet hours discussing the state of the world. As a few large technology companies grow more hunger for data, podcast populations grew, creating an ecosystem of small and medium-sized labels, advertising marketers and other service providers. You could hear podcasts without having to pay and be traced. Everyone could record and publish podcasts with little effort.

But now many media describe a new mood in the industry. Suddenly it's all about money. That's what sparked a Spotify Gimlet deal, but also launched Luminary, starting a podcast launched last week. With a $ 100 million investment in his pocket, Luminary wants to be "Netflix for Podcasts". But the makers have stars like comedian Trevor Noah Girls-The artist Lena Dunham and author Malcolm Gladwell are shopping for unique shows. You can only hear users when they pay $ 7.99 a month.

At the same time, other podcasting platforms also invest millions in investments, publishing podcasts behind payment barriers or expanding the unique offerings on their platforms. Spotify continues to invest. As well as Gimlet, he bought the Anchor platform and stage trulyCrimestoriesParcast Producers. In general, they want to invest up to $ 500 million in podcast purchases in 2019, Spotify told its investors. The streaming service with more than 200 million active users wants to build a second foot next to music, and has to pay high royalties with exclusive word content. The amount of economic potential that Spotify sees in it is evident from a blog post by Daniel Ek, founder. In it we compare the market for audio content with that for video – "billion dollar market".

Many podcast lovers worry about that. Traditionally, the shows were distributed via an RSS feed, so earlier it didn't matter what app we received a listener podcatcher of their podcasts – that's what formed an open character, free podcasts for many, Closing Luminary podcasts, Spotify and others that are now behind pay walls and signing barriers are changing the chaotic, but open culture of this, so the fear.

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