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"Stupid": Rehm quarrels with players – 3rd league


Wehen Wiesbaden is subject to Jena despite excellence

The SV Wehen Wiesbaden has failed to improve in the third league in the second place. On Monday, the Hesse defeated the CC Carl Zeiss Jena despite an improvement with 2: 3 – and his dissatisfaction with Rüdiger Rehm coach dropped on his own.

Rüdiger Rehm

Zerknirscht: SV Wehen Rüdiger Rehm had to bow to Jena on Monday.

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Even after the interim 1: 1 the followers in the guest block were sure: This time their team would win and pull the three points from Wiesbaden Brita Arena. Phillip Tietz had just made a shortfall by Manuel Schäffler, so Jena's fans were sanctifying: "away win! Away win!" And they should be right.

While the Turingians were better than the Tractors for many of the game, the hosts were a more effective team, trying for the first time after nine unfortunate efforts at the end of an interesting evening on Monday. However, the second-place jump in the Wiesbaden board was rejected.

SVWW coach, Rüdiger Rehm, was properly served when he held the "Telekom" microphone in his hand after the game. "After such a game you have to take a deep breath," said Rehm, before he took Sascha Mockenhaupt and Sören Reddemann back to the center. Both had favored the 1-1, as they left Jena's goalkeeper, Jo Coppens's widespread tour. "It's an individual mistake, because I have to go to the ball, that should not happen to me," said Rehm and said, "That's expensive."

As his team had not shown well in the other two that were all given and lost more than half a dozen best opportunities on crime, it was clear to Rehm: "Of course we are guilty, because we do not need do not talk about it. " Labor was the best team in football, but also demonstrated after the character of Jena's double strikes and finally shortened by Niklas Schmidt – in the end Wiesbaden had to recognize the defeat.


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