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Star died from a popular television series – the cause of death is tragic

He died of a fungal infection: Denise DuBarry.

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Denise DuBarry led a successful life, previously as an actress, later as an entrepreneur. She is now dead – because of a fungal infection.

Hollywood – She was a successful actress, entrepreneur and volunteer. Now Denise DuBarry died remarkably 63 years old. The reason was a fungal infection that had spread in her brain, like Dubarry's husband to the American newspaper Desert Sunday confirm.

Denise DuBarry dies at the age of 63 – the cause of death is a fungal infection

After a short but very serious illness Denise DuBarry died in a Los Angeles hospital, her husband continued. The actress's health was probably not good for a while. Film producer Kim Waltrip has known about the health problems of 64-year-olds in the last two months, he said Desert SundayBut that it was so bad for DuBarry, it had not been clear.

On Saturday he lost the fight against the fungal infection. In early April, it will be buried in the nearest family, the American newspaper. DuBarry leaves her husband and four children and two grandchildren.

Hollywood star has died: Denise DuBarry starring at "Three Angels for Charlie" t

Denise DuBarry made her name in Hollywood early. The first time she was 18 in front of the camera, but during the seventies, she celebrated her success with the series "Three Angels for Charlie". Although he could not have a big role there, he was hit a little later for the Oscar-winning film, "Welcome Mr. Chance". Then there were more appearances in television series such as "Love Boat".

However, in the mid-nineties, he gave up his career as an actress again. He then became president of the non-profit organization Palm Springs in Film and Television to promote Coachella Valley in the film industry. She also volunteered for the not-for-profit organization "Olive Crest", working for children who have been abused.

Video: The star "Three Angels for Charlie" Denise DuBarry has died

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