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Sports student Fritz Hagedorn fails: A stunning feature on the stomach – Berlin


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For more than three weeks missing from Fritz Hagedorn of Berlin each track. The sports student left the apartment on 8 April – since then he was not seen. Now his mother emphasizes details.

May 3, 2019 Update: Still missing from Fritz Hagedorn who is missing from Berlin every trace, which has now been expressed for the first time his mother Sabine. On a Facebook page set up specifically for her son, Berliner is looking for her child. "Our nightmare, for weeks of this uncertainty. I am the mother who lost her son Fritz, who really wants to be able to welcome him again" can be read there on the page. In addition, the missing person's mother publishes new pictures of her son, also referring to her child's special qualities. One of the pictures shows a clear scar on the 26-year-old child.

An audio file has also been loaded to the homepage so users can hear Fritz Hagedorn's voice and possibly recognize it. "Perhaps someone has spoken to him and can remember his individual voice," we hope the mother of the person is missing. The circumstances of the disappearance seem to be still unclear.

The missing mother of Fritz Hagedorn depicts a scar on her son's stomach.

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Great concern also in Leipzig: A 32-year-old girl is missing. Her partner stayed behind. The police are searching all over Germany.

First notice April 30, 2019: Where is the Fritz Hagedorn missing?

Berlin – Where is Fritz Hagedorn? Since April 8, missing from the track in Berlin, the sports student left his apartment today on Berlin-Friedrichshain. From this point on, the 26-year-old man was no longer seen. Now the Berlin police announced a picture of the young man. The researchers hope to be able to explain the circumstances of the disappearance now.

Berlin Police are looking for a sports student Fritz Hagedorn

In a statement to the official press, Fritz Hagedorn is described as about 174 cm tall and about 52 kilos. It has dark yellow hair, short hair, a square or angular face and a narrow, pointed nose. Its status is described as "athletic and athletic". On the day of his disappearance, he is said to wear a pair of black sweat pipes, a black shirt, a black and blue jumper, a gray loop scarf with a small black pattern. Maybe he could be traveling without shoes.

The police assume that Fritz Hagedorn could possibly have no identification papers on the way. The exact backgrounds are still unclear.

Other missing causes: Rebecca from Berlin is also still missing

Also read: Meanwhile, the police are still looking for Berlin after the 15-year-old Rebecca. The pupil does not have every trace even after more than two months. In the case of Miss Martha, the researchers lost the three year olds in Norway. She took her own mother. Since Sunday night was lost by two children of Ratingen each track. But witness testimony was essential. The reason for their disappearance is now known. In Essen, in the meantime, a young mother disappeared from a clinic with her baby. As the young woman was in serious danger to life, a publicity search was carried out.

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