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Rolf Hoppe actor died – portrait


Many knew him of "Three hazelnuts for Cinderella," but Rolf Hoppe managed to fill more than 400 film and stage roles – who died the actor at 87. He had fallen asleep on Wednesday after a complete life in his family circle, the family said on Thursday. Only last year Hoppe won a number of prizes – the Märchenfilmfestival Award for his life in Annaberg-Buchholz and the Dresden Ball Over Opera.

"Above all, I can welcome the small roles," said Hoppe about three years ago in an interview before his 85th birthday. "The most important thing is a good home." Hoppe smoked his pipe – the doctor was prescribed in the 1940s, rather than cigarettes.

Actor with "pleasure"

In recent years, Hoppe has not retired: "I like to work, it's also a nice job," he said. Only with strength he has to be more economical. One of its projects: its own theater. Already in 1995, the farm actor bought on the outskirts of Dresden and set up the Hoftheater Dresden with friends, according to the theater website. But for a few years now, there was only a viewer there.

His Hoppe "Spielwut" lived for the first time in an amateur theater group at his home Ellrich home on the southern edge of the Harz. At that time, the Turingia won its money as a coachman and a packer. Göring was an opponent Klaus Maria Brandauer filming Klaus Mann, "Mephisto" by István Szabó, who was internationally renowned in 1980. Also, as father of the pianist Clara Schumann in the "Spring Symphony" by Peter Schamoni, Hoppe global class. At the Salzburg Festival, he was the Mammon in "Everyman" several times.

Rolf Hoppe: "When it's time, then it's time"

Since 1963, Hoppe has filled more than 400 film and stage roles, and has made the form of almost all of the classical and comic figures in the world of theater literature. He has never dropped to the temptation to turn his back on the GDR when filming abroad. And he was still in demand in the new German film, who played "Bronsteins" children, "Schtonk!" to "Mario a Dewin".

In just over 50 years of career, there were only two white places: "We will never play a child killer," said the actor once, who was considered a long time "following the service". The other exception is rather unintentional: he did not ask him the role of love. "A fat man can also love." His record did not match that. "I have a good life." He did not have the fear of death, he just wanted passive conversion. "When it's time, then it's time."

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