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Bautzen ironic! Not against the border town in Saxony; they have the value of seeing an old town and since this month there is also a common federal and state "search center and competence" of the federal and state police, which should set the cross border burgundy gang. But if you like Horst Seehofer necessarily want to show the top CSU as a whole as idiots, then Bautzen is the only place.

On Sunday, they sat with each other in Munich for four long hours and urged the party's chairman to retreat. He took his time, talked about dignity and, in essence, promised nothing at all. The only clear unequal sentence, one reported in the round, was: "I will talk out during the week."

Not twelve minutes later, he expresses himself – on a business trip as the Federal Interior of the Interior, next to the opening ceremony for the two men's hut office, in short: in Bautzen.

It dries to the East Saxony when Seehofer goes out of the car in the morning. The night before he paid farewell to Ingolstadt in Munich with a small sentence, because the best decisions could be made at home.

So now open with a press conference. Of course, someone asks him, though without the hope; Finally, he spoke about days that it was a matter of enthusiasm to wait for the introduction of the new Bavarian Cabinet. But decent or nothing, Seehofer clears his neck. "I will resign from the CSU party leader's office." It will call the date later this week. And what about the second stage do some people in Munich want to hear? "My office is completely free of charge as a Minister of the Interior," he said. "I am a Federal Minister of Interior and I will continue to serve."

There was a time in the life of Horst Seehofer, because such a movement in the political scene would have given him a great respect. And they turned them all again, they would have said and awarded him the honorable title of Bavaria, that he was a pig, a boring one! But an honorable title does not give him no more, certainly not in his own party. Even the supply of compassion has to use it up. The man who was responsible for the CSU in the best days was a king without soldiers, a homeless land.

Later historians may describe years of their most permanent political activity such as the history of a desperate relationship. Just as Helmut Kohl became a nemesis to Franz Josef Strauss, Seehofer can only say in relation to Angela Merkel. He had become a recognized social and health specialist in Bonn as Secretary of State Norbert Blüm in the Ministry of Labor, even a health minister under Kohl, when the East woman drops the revolution in the healthcare system.

She joined her – with pudding soups and canned vegetables

The fight for the head lump sum came into a compulsory political marriage pattern competition. Merkel was still anonymous, Seehofer too. Lock yourself with baguettes and canned vegetables for days in his mini-apartment in the "Abgeordneten-Schlange" on the Spree and just like to answer her cell phone if she liked it. In the matter he had many supporters. But Merkel belonged to the future, and Edmund Stoiber did not want to hold it uncontrollably as a fractional lower.

The resignation became trauma. Even today, his stunning baritone can turn into a horrible shock: "Never get anything from it!" In 2005, almost Merkel lost the election victory, this caption! He was fine – not the ones who declared mad! You have to know that Merkel's General Secretary, Laurenz Meyer, has talked on the side of the CSU congress that the man needed a doctor – Seehofer had promised Stoiber to remain silent at home during the debate over his dismissal as the leader of a proxy squad, but there's one temptation Then you can not resist microphones.

When Merkel took out of it in 2005 and he called to the Minister of Agriculture, many were surprised. Three years later, the CSU lost the absolute majority and called Seehofer as a rescue – to be more precise than his name above everything Stoiber. Her golden years was her. In 2013, the CSU recovered the absolute majority. The competition succeeded in a campaign of honesty and quiet talent: Dear Bavaria, we have understood, we do not want to be completely knowledgeable! He only came to his election campaign. After all the elections, conflicts were held. Everyone was lost.

In terms of how his final conflicts came with Merkel in fact, historians will still have to bite. The external data is well-known – as Merkel decided in September 2015 in urging the Austrians to accept the Hungarian refugees as they tried the day before they included the main CSU, but how to get to anyone. In fact, it is impossible not to have the Bavaria Prime Minister on the phone; On the latest, a call to the security order should be adequate.

The next day he condemns Merkel's decision as a "mistake" that will take revenge. The old pattern was suddenly standing in the room again. Even Merkel immediately moved into dissatisfied. The pattern was repeated repeatedly until this summer, when it almost shared the Union. Eventually, he was a recession to both.

Complex character

He is not eager to see that he has been split into the fact that both political professionals are so inter. Merkel has left in the hundreds of thousands and he did not even want to close the border symbolically – so she is the perpetrator! He did not want to see he was doing a toxic race with running from a difficult situation and trying too late and too incredible to escape the wire trap. At that point, the man who could otherwise think of a millimeter corners of concession can not. Where politics should have been, emotion and honors question precede.

This can be well demonstrated by the later history of that legendary performance, where the chairman of the CSU lectured the Chancellor on a fifteen minute open congress platform. By the way, the performance itself was something unemployed. Merkel had the party convention with a cold talk that was treated cold, the Seehofer solution was an incredible mix and inconvenience that the party's sister's head did not even show an idea of ​​understanding. He talked and spoke, and Merkel folded his arms disagreeable. Before the podium, the faces of the CSU board were surprised by the moment.

Two weeks later he told one that he had not been there he could not see the Merkel response – she had been too far behind him. Can not see? Although he looks to the side several times, exactly in his face? Although he sees the disturbance in the first row? He told this version even more often later. Every time she seemed more credible to him. Self-fraud? Just not to say: I just made a mistake? Once he smiled his smile on such stories, tongue-in-pitch, ironic smile. She was hard to be angry with him. In the meantime, that does not work longer. At age 69, you are no longer a boy.

It's a complex character anyway. It's hard to tell what is exactly about it and what tactical background, what conviction is straightforward and what insight. Perhaps she does not know herself often. It rarely allows to look into an internal core. Once on his first Wednesday, Ash appearance in Passau, he helped the flu. Seehofer was standing hard on the lecture and loses a look at the thread.

Fortunately, he broke away: he did not want the thousands disappointment in the hall, but he really belonged to the bed. And then he told me why the people were important to him as a target group of politics. He talked about the home, about the father, about a building worker, about the mother who had to take care of four children, for the hunger and distress, and for a poor poor boy, who were fierce in the yard school due to tight flood trousers.

The judges will not leave up

Later he played a handball, penelin sports. He was still one who was struggling to be alone, without a man and rope team, amazing in campaigning others and in using spontaneous situations in his party.

But this game really ends. On Sunday night at the Big Venue, the meeting room on the top floor of Franz Josef Strauss House, the atmosphere is clear. The leaders of the Deputy Party, coach leader, powerful area chairs, other best officers, all know: After the terrible summer of the coalition in Berlin, after the unfortunate receipt in the state election, it is not enough Markus Söder now, thanks to the Free Voters remains Prime Minister. Merkel has clearly drawn the results. Well then: e.

Seehofer says 2019 should be the renewal year for the CSU and who does not want to stand in the way. This is interpreted as a sign of withdrawal after the party's presidency. When? No answer. When someone calls for the decision this year, Seehofer talks back, they could like to make a special party for Christmas.

It sounds most often more often anyway. Even his old assistant Stoiber, one participant says, gets one thing away: he was already playing an incredible role in the revocation of other party leaders. Here, the honorary chairman had denied an extra now, now he is also in a newspaper interview calling for a re-statement. He said that only the chairmanship of that party and the main league were ideally related in one hand. It is hard to see in Seehofer in the current situation.

The judges will not leave up. You have proven that too often. Including the resignation of leaving politics in 2018 and resigning from the summer resignation, five to six Seehofer resignations are recorded. In a desperate situation he gains land per millimeter and daily routine is his normal tactic. One is preparing the scenario: In January, regional group and parliamentary group exams, then Wednesday Ash again in Passau, then the European election approach … and peace is suddenly the first military soldier's duty ? About that, are you?

Seehofer is one step behind: Before the interrupted elections, ie in January, a special party meeting should come together. And to the extent that the Ministry is worried – in the long term, that would not be possible without the chairmanship of CSU. Merkel will also notice what his resignation for the Canssellery means.

Completed cemetery

Merkel. His nose For Seehofer it's important that land in their pasture is not in the past, says one of its secretaries. Of those, the secretaries, there is not much. His most important pillar has remained in Munich. Karolina Gernbauer, office manager in Cardiff, Cangler, was not keen to go to Berlin for private reasons. But the clever wife might also guess that he would be lost on the foreign field in this ministry, which is already a monster without homelessness and the construction department. "It was not a great blow to him," said one who has seen both close for years.

So now he sits on his last piece of land: A single office in a house that does not tell him and they do not know anything to do with him. Many law solicitors, who were used to think in clear structures, and an instinct politician, who were responsible for the big picture in Mafaria and especially in regards to the inner security of the faithful Joachim Herrmann have taken all the things away.

He should have known that no ministry would fit him better than this. The fact that he, who really only trusted himself, had shown by the Chief Defense of Hans-Georg Maaßen, was the clearest indication of the misleading. Does not anyone warn him about the illegal claimant? Or did not warns through? Sometimes it's hard to reach, says an experienced officer.

For how long that should go – is unclear. Nobody likes to leave the big stage as a loser. "The main reason is the result of the state election in Mafaria," said Seehofer in Bautzen. "The change is a part of life, even for me."

That should be clearly confirmed. But why does this show again? These suggestions are in the circle of those responsible, a clear sentence in Bautzen, in the ministerial office, huh? "She can not give her the best," said one who has been known for a long time. Somewhere in his head, two synapses probably combine the picturesome picture, what would happen if Friedrich Merz was the head of UDP …?

Only if Merkel has to go. They survive, even days. The characters can cut so small. But without power, small goals move into the distance. As it is, his old enemy Söder will also be the party's chairman. Yes, if the Berlin coalition agreement reads: "The right to offer for the appropriate offices lies with the responsible parties."

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