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Relationship between AfD and supporters society – politics


  • AfD head of the politician Weidel wants to embed a mysterious club in the construction and financing of a party-related organization.
  • However, the party distorts itself publicly from this.
  • If there appears to be close agreements between the party and the club, the Bundestag administration could attribute to the party the free support for them. as a party donation.
  • In this case, the AfD must pay the Bundestag administration, together with a potential penalty, to the corresponding one, which has benefited it.

Without Sebastian Pittelkow, Nicolas Richter to Katja Riedel

The connection between AfD and a mysterious support club of the Society of Law and Civil Liberties Rules is less than known. The club in Stuttgart has the AfD with a millionaire and newspaper name of the name Germany courier but his donors are anonymous.

This constitution has impaired the suspicion of illegal funding of the party and the Bundestag investigation is responsible for it. The AfD fears so much of its own procedure and distances from the society. Recently, she even prosecuted him for simulating the proximity to the party. Also, the club has always emphasized that it operates independently on the AfD.

A series of emails that are German South newspaper, NDR and WDR, however, suggest that the close secret of today's drug leader in the Bundestag, Alice Weidel, is specifically concerned with the David Bendels club chair in 2017, when he set up the base of the AfD party and with the money.

Links between club and party is also in another important place

Hans Hausberger, who is secretary to Weidel, who is sitting on board AfD-Kreisverband Bodensee and being considered influential in the party, has written on the 10th July 2017 to the designated foundation manager , and previously, among other things, discussed the fundraising: "Postal address Hier and Bendels phone number."

Hausberger confirmed the process at the request of SZ, NDR and WDR and said that the base needed to have capital set up for its base and to have made the contact aware to Bendels. Ultimately, money did not flow. The organizational structure of the foundation project changed several times before the base was chosen as a party base.

The fact that the upper AFD candidate secretary, Weidel, has referred to the CEO of Bendels in a strategically and financially important party project, showing how close the relationship between the two organizations is on at that time also in basic questions. Hausberger noted that he knew Bendels and suggested that he discussed potential funding for the foundation.

In fact, at the beginning of October 2017, shortly after the general election, the head of the Bendels association met with a person responsible for the proposed base at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich. Bendels has one telling him about Betrauter's endowment, offering him potential support to known investors about the foundation. How Bendels is not blurred; did not respond to a request for comments.

Hausberger also tells us that he had discussed with the person responsible for the basis that money could be used for the money received during the summer of 2017 on behalf of the Bodenseekreis AfD area association. According to Hausberger, this is the account where a total of € 132,000 was received from the Swiss pharmaceutical company in the summer of 2017. Then the participants abstained from this project. In 2017, an initial capital of 50,000 euros was needed on the basis designed to register even as a foundation.

Prosecutor investigates Weidel

Anonymous foreign donors have supported the AfD in the election campaign with large amounts of money. Now the prosecutor is investigating a suspicion of the violation of the party's law – even against Alice Weidel, a fraction leader

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Hausberger, confidant of Weidel, had been in touch with the Stuttgart club for some time. In the summer of 2017, Hausberger wrote in an email that he had contacted Bendels about the previously "never" basis. At the time, this was about the former former chairman of AfD, running Konrad Adam. Adam was then the chairman of the foundation candidate and has long been connected to Bendels upon a given application. They talked about possible joint projects. Today, Adam is the honorary chair of the party-famous base of the name "Desiderius Erasmus".

The associations between the association and the party also exist in another important point: it appears from another email that the Budget Committee Chair in the Bundestag, Peter Boehringer, has similarly contact Bendel in November 2017. He wrote an email stating that Bendel & Boehringer had asked to contact the Weidel office in the future.

Boehringer writes, Bendels stands "in different places in direct and indirect connection with the AfD and other Gleichgesonnenen". On request, Boehringer did not refuse to write this post. But he explained that the e-mail was a trivial process. Bendels had been known to him as a publicist and then the link was limited.

If there appears to be close agreements between the party and the club, especially in financial matters and in relation to election campaigns, the Bundestag administration would be attributable to the party's support and He was free of charge for them as a party donation.

In such a case, the AfD must pay the Bundestag administration, together with a potential penalty, of the corresponding one, which has benefited him. The society emphasizes that it is independent of the AfD. "We as an independent society will continue to make our choice of choice, and the AfD is waiting for us the only qualified party," said the club in the summer in the face of the AfD guardian.

All of the main German parties are linked to "party-related" foundations. For the UDP, for example, here is Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. These foundations promote the opinion of the party in the world or train younger staff. The foundations are also financially interesting because they are receiving government grants. The "Desiderius Erasmus Foundation", which was in the process of being established in summer 2017, is now recognized as a party base from the AfD.

Weidel knew that potential funders could

Establishing a party-related organization in the summer of 2017, it's probably an important priority for the AFD candidate, Alice Weidel and its environment. Weidel knew that potential funders could. Hausberger, his secretary, wrote in an email on July 4, 2017: "Alice tells me that I have a few donors who do not want to contribute directly to the party." Hausberger said that he had asked Weidel for help in finding money for the foundation and we had to give the understanding: "Yes, she knows that there are a lot of people who have indicated that they would like to help her. " However, these considerations have failed.

Weidel said on request in the face of the public prosecutor's investigation against her "she would first talk to the authorities about specific issues in the relevant subject area". The public prosecutor's office decides Konstanz against them in connection with the Swiss gift.

Does the Member Immunity protect Alice Weidel from investigating?

The prosecutor may be in the gift scandal certainly against the leader of the AFD squad decides – on one condition.

By Jan Bielicki

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