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Recall / Dessert: Alert for several products from well-known brands


Consumer attention in Germany! Landliebe is currently recalling several products. There is a potential health hazard.

Heilbronn – In Germany there’s another big one right now recall. This time the well-known manufacturer calls the Landliebe Molkereiprodukte GmbH returned several products. user he should be careful.

Manufacturer Landliebe Molkereiprodukte GmbH
Seat Heilbronn, Germany
Products Milk, yoghurt, dessert, butter (among others)

Recall in Germany: Landliebe warns of several products

As the Heilbronn-based company makes clear in a current press release, it was part of it quality control “Microbiological defects” found in some products. What kind of Germinate unfortunately it is not communicated.

Important for consumers to know: The country recall not only applicable to products from Landliebe manufacturing. According to the company, if there are several products, one Health hazard it cannot be excluded. (More current memories on

Big Landliebe Demand in Germany: Several dessert products are affected

Therefore a different use is not recommended Dessert products to eat. The following articles are from the Recall campaign affected:

  • Landliebe semolina pudding traditionally in 4 x 125g cups (best before 21.12.2020)
  • Landliebe semolina pudding cinnamon in 4 x 125g cups (best before 21.12.2020)
  • Landliebe Sahne Dessert Chocolate in 4 x 125g cups (best before 21.12.2020)

Like the Landliebe GmbH further communicates whether there are batches or other articles with another Best date before not affected by product recall.

Recall in Germany: Products can be hazardous to health

A popular product from the fridge shelf has only recently been remembered. However, it was a Ice from the freezerthat can be purchased at Rewe. There was also a risk to consumer health.

As a precaution, ice cream maker Eisbär Eis recalled the product “Rewe Best Choice Caramel Coconut 500 ml”. The reason: the product could Gluten is included, which is not indicated on the packaging.

Recall Big Landliebe in Germany: Products are withdrawn from sale as a precaution

He will be in Germany Products often recalled and withdrawn from sale. But that’s not because of the inferior quality of the products offered in supermarkets and states, standards in Germany are very high here.

However, companies have an even greater obligation than before. Each year over 500,000 establishments from the approximately 1.2 million food industry registered companies are audited. Know or doubt it Product risk the competent authority must be notified immediately.

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