Thursday , January 20 2022

Presenter Sad.1 Anneke Dürkopp: "I had four mistakes"


She really wants to be a mother, but her long wishes have been denied. Fairnight Saturday 1 now tells us that she has had four miscarriages.

Anneke Dürkopp was pregnant by artificial fertilization. The second attempt was working. In general, the sixth attempt to get pregnant. This time, everything went well, his son came to spring. But the way to this point was not easier for a weather moderator Sat.1.

"Why can not I be a mother?"

"I have often thought, what's in place with me, why can not I be a mother?", Say in the magazine "Endlich Feierabend!" and says: "Between 2014 and 2016, I was pregnant naturally four times and I had four mistakes." However, she was always positive in every pregnancy. But she also says: "It has not worked out for four years and that's going to the question: who will eventually work, if I'm happy someday, you just do not know that , that's why it's so hard to cope with her also scared the next pregnancy.

Now she looks forward to her son. "I hope I'll get a bit," she said, laughing. She also explains, "If you've ever reached where I'm now – what do I want every woman, without complications, of course – then it's worth doing, it's just that you & Happy; "

"Suffering has to share suffering half"

For time, Anneke has been writing regularly on her Facebook page and blog about her pregnancy, saying in videos of her experiences and fears. For many, mistakes are still a problem that can not be discussed. But the 39-year-old breaks the silence. "You're not alone with that, others have been proven, and there is a joint suffering in half of the pain," he said.

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