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Pop-up story on the dam: Amazon doing business in the Berlin City of West competition – economy


A new store on Berlin Kurfürstendamm will show gift ideas for online shopping for five days. The articles can be ordered directly by scanning QR codes in the Amazon app, as explained by the Internet retailer on Thursday. Thanks to the shop, the online group can even store stores with a proven holiday practice competition: Santa Claus to receive a list of children's wishes.

Amazon is talking about more than 500 expert gift ideas from categories such as toys, cosmetics, electronics or household goods. Companies such as Samsung, Philips, Nespresso, Lego or L 'Oreal also have the opportunity to promote their kind. The experiment really includes overseas restrictions on online sales: The popular store, which will open between 22 and 27 November, will not only have fixed opening hours, but will also be open on a day Sul.

On Thursday, visitors to Kurfürstendamm 26a could not find any tracking of Amazon. Under the address you will find an empty shop. Signs reveal that American Timberland's outdoor shoes and shoes brands become a tenant.

A line shop around the Kuhamm 26th. In this complex building in the best shopping venue in Berlin, Amazon aims to provide temporary …Photo: Laurin Meyer

The short appearance of this Amazon store will certainly not spoil Christmas business to the operators of the traditional stores on the Kishman – but of course, this transformation to the real world is strict. In the AG City, which represents the interests of business people in the heart of western Berlin city, there is a decent relaxation chat for an "interesting experiment". From this "we can also learn something," he said Uwe Timm, a member of the board of association and also the center manager at Europa-Center for Breitscheidplatz. Bringing still retailers together with online mail ordering business is also becoming increasingly important to the shops around Kurfürstendamm and Tauentzienstraße. At the same time, the local shops have a special local advantage: "Not only do people come to us to buy shoes, they also want to go on the ride."

Amazon has a huge market power due to its size and many complementary businesses. Only a report was submitted on Wednesday, which is the risk of the venture for German retail trade. In addition, Amazon is constantly disputing with the Verdi service union. with dpa

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