Friday , June 24 2022

OwnCloud Server 10.2: New shared policies, more user features


In the new version 10.2 OwnCloud developers extend a number of security functions to the project administrator. OwnCloud is a free file-sharing software that centrally stores user data and synchronizes it between different clients.

The Advanced Advanced Share Permits are aimed at developers who want to extend their apps with their own shared policies. When publishing the statement, OwnCloud gives examples that users should only view or comment on files – or the server records all the changes. However, programmers are not limited to specific guidelines.

SecureView also builds on Advanced Share Permits. If a user shares an Office or PDF file with another user, only the recipient can access it. What this can do with the document can also be defined. In addition, a watermark should ensure that you can track who was using a file, how and when. SecureView requires an enterprise license.

With the new version, the software also includes a new shared policy for publicly shared links. External users can then upload, download and view files, but not modify the files on the server. In addition, users can now access only previously available privacy features for administrators: all users can enable or disable data selection features at the local level, regardless of server. All users are able to set the query for user names independently.

There are two new features for distributed cases: OwnCloud can receive federal shares of servers that can be automatically trusted on request. Version 10.0.9 introduced the feature, but so far each user had to accept this separately. In addition, background service can automatically search for changes in Federal Shares that have been nested.

If the server has a hardware security module (HSM), OwnCloud 10.2 can store the main storage encryption key here. Like open source software, the server appears under AGPLv3. However, the developers also offer a commercial version to companies whose additional features are under their own license.


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