Monday , June 27 2022

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro: Android Q-Beta is here


On 14 May, OnePlus unveiled OnePlus 7 (this is our first impression) and to publish it a few days before that "within the next few weeks" we would like to provide the Q-Beta Android for the top prize, the Beta for the UnPlus 6 and 6T is already available. Now you have followed his promise actions and explained in the forum, how to lose his OnePlus 7 or 7 Pro Android item.

Specifically, the company provides an OTA file for each device that you can download, copy it to the device, and flick through the Local Update feature in Locations. The smartphone is deleted in this process, so make a backup of the front and be aware of the danger that you can also convert the smartphone into elegant paper weight (keyword: Brick).

As you are still in a relatively early stage of development, there are also many mistakes and threats that you may encounter. Therefore, productive use is not recommended, but you can also go back to Android Pie via provided files too.

Known issues
An ambient display does not work
System stability issues
Can't send SMS when VoLTE is on
Navigation gesture does not work
The recovery mode doesn't work
Some apps may not work as expected when they run on this developer preview release
Matter with MTP that doesn't allow you to roll back the file from PC to Phone

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