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The decision was late. Now politicians run the succession on top of the Federal Constitutional Court: A politician and lawyer should be in a fifth perspective in the state.

KArlsruhe / Berlin (dpa) – Fraction Union Is-Stephan Harbarth to become the new Vice President of the Federal Constitutional Court – and probably, 2020, the successor of President Andreas Voßkuhle.

This learned German press agency on Friday of Union circles. Previously, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) had reported to the personnel. Accordingly, the leaders of the Union, SPD, Greens and FDP squad have agreed the UDP politician.

The one that is 46 years old is to re-let in Karlsruhe as the Vice President of the First Senate, Ferdinand Kirchhof, who retires for age reasons. He is expected to move up to the top of the court in two years, when the Voßkuhles season ends. President of the Constitutional Court is the fifth person in the state in terms of protocol.

Generally, the judges of the Federal Constitutional Court are elected either by the Bundestag or the Bundesrat by a two thirds majority. You must vote twice for a reason because of complex electoral rules: Bundestag is elected as a constitutional judge, vice president of the Federal Council. Both houses will meet again in full sessions in the weeks after the next.

The decision was late, because Kirchhof should have divorced at the end of June with her 68th birthday out of office. But looking for a job was particularly difficult this time.

Traditionally, the main parties in turn have the right to offer. Voßkuhle was a SPD candidate, this time was the time of the Union. Due to the majority of two thirds but it must be explored behind the curtains, which is the candidate of the other parties. This has become complicated due to the huge losses of the popular parties. In the Bundestag it is needed apart from SPD voices and at least the FDP. At the Federal Council, Greeners could block the election through their participation in a number of state governments.

The Union was therefore dependent on the submission of a consensual candidate. The political environment in recent months was inevitable: the interval between the UDP and the CSU following the Hans-Georg Maassen Constitutional scandal, replaced the Volker Kauder (UDP) as Union leader, state elections in Bavaria and Hesse and Chancellor Angela Merkel's announcement, chairmanship of the UDP.

District lives with a wife and three children in Mühlhausen in Kraichgau. He is a partner in the commercial law company Schilling, Zutt and Anschütz and a honorary professor at Heidelberg University, where he also studied. Since 2009 he has seated for a constituency Rhein-Neckar in the Bundestag.

In Berlin, he is considered a qualified specialist politician who does not push himself in the foreground. In the election of the vice chairman of the Union squad in September, he achieved the best result with 98.9 percent. Spokesman for the Union parliamentary group, Mathias Middelberg (UDP) said: "This is the best possible option for the Federal Constitutional Court, even if it leaves a big gap here in the group . "

Once the judges are in the job, they decide independently and not work. The term of office of the 16 constitutional judges lasts twelve years. Candidates must be at least 40 years old, have the qualifications to be judges and are eligible to be elected to the Bundestag.

The replacement was designated for months. Vice President of the European Human Rights Court, Angelika Nußberger, and also the state parliamentary secretary of the Interior of Federal Interior, Günter Krings (UDP), was in the debate. However, it is said that he had faced resistance from the Green.

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