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News: Robbie Williams wants to conquer America – a show in Las Vegas


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Robbie Williams wants to conquer America – a show in Las Vegas

Singer of Angels
Robbie Williams
There are 44, big plans: In the United States, Robbie Williams wants to win the Las Vegas show themselves for Americans themselves. So it's up to the top list of Las Vegas show owners, like
Britney Spears
, 36,
Mariah Carey
, 48, Celine
, 50, or a country country
Elton John
, 71. The stars with their own show celebrated great successes. The concept: They always perform in the same location with their respective programs in a number of concerts. And that's exactly what a performance will be for Robbie Williams. The "Take That" singer will appear six times at the "Wynn" luxury resort in Las Vegas. The stage performances have been planned for the period March 6 to 16, 2019. The supporters of the three-fold father are also very proud of the Robbie announcement. "I can not wait," or "dreams come true to US supporters," only two of the overwhelming comments were.

News from the 12th of November

Animals are also caught in California forest fires

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that pet owners in vulnerable areas have evacuation plans for their animals. Due to the high and urgent demand in some journeys, many people could not return for their domestic wildlife and other wildlife.

Residents, including stars, increasingly use social media to spread images of their lost animals on the Internet. actors
Alyssa Milano
, 45, tweets on 9 November: "If anyone can save five horses from the fire, help me." A few hours later, she shared an update: "The horses are safe finally, my children are safe, my home is at risk, but … everything with a heart is sure Thank you for your concern." She was one of the hundreds of thousands of California residents who had to move their homes across the state. Many animals could not be recovered, injured or even dead.

The wild wild season usually starts in summer and lasts until the fall falls early. Recently, however, low humidity, dry conditions and warm, windy winds have created ideal conditions for spreading flames.

Gerard Butler, Thomas Gottschalk + Co

Malibu fire runner makes stars homeless

23 hours ago

An incredible imagination for many homeowners in the fragile Malibu resort on the Pacific Coast: hundreds of bills have been burned, including stars such as Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and Shannon Doherty.

Amazon ends Matthias Schweighöfer series "You want"

After two terms! After two seasons, Amazon Prime Video draws a line under the "You Are Wanted" series back and with
Matthias Schweighöfer
, 37. According to, "Amazon finally endorsed the industry service." Accordingly, the main video video Christoph Schneider is very proud of the series: "With the first German series, the Original, Matthias Schweighöfer broke new, new Pages and made of themselves and You Are Wanted, the most watched series on Prime Video in Germany – with a number of enthusiastic Main Video viewers around the world. "This success could hardly be verified. According to Amazon independently, writes "" on.

Due to time constraints, Matthias Schweighöfer will not be available for another season of the "You Are Wanted" series

You Want

Stunning for the Schweighöfer series


Although the first season was still bringing Public Relations for Amazon, there were two prominent headlines evident in term two. In the meantime, many of the world's leading German series came and the competition was much more. "He will be one of the most popular actors in Germany
In the near future, to focus on some important films and main films, so another season You Are Wanted & # 39; as far as possible.
"says Christoph Schneider, who will be with us in the future
I would like to talk about series projects.

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