Thursday , May 19 2022

News: A cream fish fillet concert continues to be threatened


The messages in the short overview:

  • Threat to a concert with cheese fish fillet at Chemnitz (21.20 clocks) – the concert will continue after an examination (22:31 clock)
  • Rolf Hoppe actor died (8:59 pm)
  • May continue to Brexit course (6:51 pm)
  • Diesel no-drive zone court orders on the A40 in Essen (14.43)
  • British ministers resign against the protest against the Brexit agreement (11:23 am)

News of the day in the starTicker:

+++ 22:31: After a threat: Chemnitz's concert of cream fish fillers after examination +++

A concert interference with the elegant fish cream fillet in Chemnitz was given on Thursday due to a threat. "There was a police threat to the police," said a police spokesman on Thursday. Around 550 viewers were then asked outside. After more than an hour, the police were able to complete the review of the Alternative Youth Center (AJZ) and the concert continued. According to "Free Press" (online), the new opening act played when the police had ordered people to leave the building.

According to the band, who has reported on the incident's Facebook, it has been a "bomb threat". "We will, if somehow work, in any case later at night, the concert as planned!", The group wrote.

Only on Wednesday, after a threat, the screening of the "Wild Heart" document for a fine cream fish fillet in Bad Schwartau in Schleswig-Holstein had canceled.

The Rock Trades Month punk band is committed to the right. In October, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation had canceled a concert of the band on the historical period of Bauhaus, referring to their homes properly. Right wing groups had moved forward against the concert in social networks. The punk band is considered controversial: It is called a few years ago because of violence against police officers at Verfassungsschutzbericht Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

+++ 22:15: Forest fires in California: Trump wants to meet victims +++

US President Donald Trump plans to travel to California on Saturday to meet victims of severe forest fires. This was published by the White House. There have been two big fires in the state on the West Coast since last week. The "camp" fire in the north has cost at least 56 lives. Never since and since the entries started in California, so many people died in a state fire. In the south, the death toll at Woolsey near Malibu was at least two. Both fires have already destroyed hundreds of square miles of forests and thousands of homes. Thousands of firefighters are on duty.

A fire disaster in California: An amateur video shows a scary firewall - more casualties were found

+++ 21:20: threat to a concert with fine cream fish fillet in Chemnitz +++

A concert interference with the elegant fish cream fillet in Chemnitz was given on Thursday due to a threat. "There was a police threat to the police," said a police spokeswoman. Viewers were then asked outside. The function room, the alternative youth center (AJZ), will be reviewed now. How many people had to leave the building, the police could not say at the beginning. According to "Free Press", only play the opening action when the eviction was ordered.

According to the band, who has reported on Facebook on the event, it was a "bomb threat" being implemented. "We will, if somehow work, in any case later at night, the concert as planned!", Write the group.

Only on Wednesday, after a threat, the screening of the "Wild Heart" document for a fine cream fish fillet in Bad Schwartau in Schleswig-Holstein had canceled.

The Rock Trades Month punk band is committed to the right. In October, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation had canceled a concert of the band on the historical period of Bauhaus, referring to their homes properly. Right wing groups had moved forward against the concert in social networks. The punk band is considered controversial: It is called a few years ago because of violence against police officers at Verfassungsschutzbericht Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

+++ 20:59: Rolf Hoppe actor +++ died

Actor Rolf Hoppe, known for the movie "Three Red Dognuts for Cinderella", is dead. He died on Wednesday at the age of 87, as his family told the Press Agency in Germany. He also reported "Dresdner's latest news".

+++ 19.58 clock: Etnese's government says that the United Nations emigration pact +++

Estonia will not also support the United Nations Global Migration Agreement. At the Cabinet meeting, the government in Tallinn could not agree that the EU and NATO countries would join the proposed agreement. "When forming a coalition, we have agreed to make decisions through mutual agreement, but unfortunately we have not reached such a consensus today," First Minister Jupi Ratas was quoted in a statement by the State Canssellery.

A dispute about the contract had previously been breached in the Baltic Sea state. Although Foreign Minister, Sven Mikser, applied for receipt, the Minister for Justice, Urmas Reinsurance and Conservative Party, Pro Patria, expressed legal concerns. They see the danger that the agreement will become part of normal international law and thus restrict the national sovereignty of migration issues.

+++ 6:51 pm: May reaching the Brexit +++ course

The Prime Minister of Theresa May has rejected a vigorous criticism of the Brexit agreement. "I believe with every fiber since the course I set up is the right one for a country and a people," said May at a conference I'm in London at 10 Downing Street.

Earlier, a number of state ministers and secretaries had resigned against the agreement. Among them was Minister Brexit Dominic Raab and Labor Minister Esther McVey. For the head of government, resignations resist seriously. Only on Wednesday night, May, he had worn his cabinet after hours of debate, the approval of the draft.

There is also a strong opposition in Parliament. MEPs are expected to vote on the agreement in December. So far it can not be foreseen how May want a majority for it. In addition, more and more MPs call for a vote with no confidence.

Perhaps a majority of himself and dozens of members of his own squad have not declared an objection. UKP Northern Ireland, which usually supports the May government, also wishes to reject the agreement. Leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, announced that he would not support the draft.

+++ 16:48: Case Khashoggi: The US imposes penalties against 17 Saudi Arabia +++

In the case of Saudi Arabia Jamal Khashoggi journalist in Istanbul, the US government has imposed sanctions on 17 Saudi Arabia. Among these are the Saudi alliance in Istanbul, Mohammed al-Otaibi, and team members are blaming for killing Khashoggi's diplomatic mission, said the US Treasury.

Critical Journalist: Deportee or Murder? Why is Saudi Arabia scared Jamal Khashoggi?

+++ 16:21: Timidly suspects with connections with Amri in Italy who sentenced +++

Terrorists suspect that connections with the Berlin Anis Amri marrow have been convicted in Italy. The Roman judges sentenced Palestinian to four years in prison, like Italians

Reported by news agencies. He was accused of prosecuting or increasing plans of assault. It is said that he had had an indirect contact with Amri only. The man was already in prison for drug offenses. It should be deported after the sentence expires.

+++ 15:48: The number of forest fire victims in California rises to at least 59 +++

California's destructive woodland fires have increased the death doll to at least 59. In the flaming paradise city in the north of the United States, eight bodies of other victims were found, Sheriff Kory Honea said. Therefore, the number of victims of the so-called "Fire Camp" increased to at least 56.

Hundreds of other forest fire from miles further to the south in the area around the famous Malibu community have killed at least three people.

California authorities released a list of 130 people missing on Wednesday. Most are from paradise.

A fire disaster in California: An amateur video shows a scary firewall - more casualties were found

+++ 15:29: Chechnya's managers put a car after a car + + + recording attempt

After a recorded effort in mind with a jury, Chechnya's regulator, Ramsan Kadyrov, was awarded five-year-old Mercedes. The boy, who is said to be known at his home as "Chechen Arnold Schwarzenegger", has won the gift with a wonderful performance, according to Kadyrov, according to Ria Nowosti.

It is said that the small child has been done within a few hours more than 4000 pushes. However, the attempt of a national record has not been recognized, according to the Russian Republic of the U.S. jurisdictional. When transferring the expensive car, the boy showed his strength and gave several push on the boned.

+++ 14.43 clock: diesel driving bar order order order on the A40 in Essen +++

The A40 is considered to be the most important motorway axis through the Ruhr area. He is also called "Ruhrschnellweg". The West-East 92-kilometer connection is partly led through central cities such as Duisburg, Essen and Bochum. In August 2018, Landesbetrieb Straßen.NRW in Essen-Kray registered an average of 130,000 vehicles a day during the week.

Overall, the highway has 45 contact points. Typically there are some relatively short records and exits. In addition, trams and buses run in part along the central strip of the A40, which extends from the Dutch border to Dortmund. She turns into a federal highway 1.

+++ 2:35 pm: Thomas Haldenwang named as constitutional defense president +++

The chief vice president of the Federal Defense Office of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, is the new head of the authority. The Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) introduced the 58-year-old in Berlin, after the federal cabinet approved staff. The predecessor Hans-Georg Maaßen was transferred to the temporary retirement last week. Seehofer said he was pleased to return with Haldenwang to focus and trusted work. Haldenwang was an employee of the Office of the Protection of Constitution since 2009. Prior to that, he worked since 1991 in different areas of the Interior Ministry.

+++ 14:23: Many children injured are serious in a school bus accident in Bavaria +++

In a collision of two school buses near Ammerndorf in Mafaria, many children were seriously injured. A local police spokesman said a confusing situation. The details were unclear to start.

+++ 14:15: Advocate Leading Brexit is seeking a vote of no confidence against Mai +++

The flagship advocate of Brexit for the British Conservatives wants a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May in parliament. Jacob Rees-Mogg will be making an official bid for the ballot, the Press Association announced the news agency announcing a spokesman. Previously, May had defended the draft of the Brexit agreement that was discussed by its government with Brussels, which is rejected by many critics, including in its conservative party ranks.

+++ 13.50 Clock: Girl abused for years – Prisoners +++ for years six and a half

Because he had sexually abused his daughter for years, a father had been sentenced to six and a half years imprisonment. The 60-year-old Berlin district court judged Thursday in 44 cases guilty. "That's a bit the iceberg," said the presiding judge. The accused had abused the woman "it's probably three years at every opportunity available". The results for his 16-year-old daughter are now devastating.

The charge for serious sexual offenders had limited to more than 40 cases, the trader was abused in the period from August 2008 to April 2014. On the first charges, the girl six years old. "He made hell his daughter's life," said the judge.

+++ 13.45 clock: Verdi prepares strikes in Eurowings +++

There are signs of an increase in the joint bargaining dispute between the Verdi union and the Eurowings Lufthansa subsidiary for around 1,000 cabin workers. Workers' representatives threatened strikes. Given months of non-food discussions, "prepare now for industrial action," said Verdi in Berlin. No date was mentioned for the possible strikes.

The union called for reliable lists, working and ready times and Eurowings accused of changing without a joint bargaining basis. So give up to 18 hours of services. The discussions also relate to employees who came from the aerial of Air Berlin to the Eurowings.

+++ 12:23: The court also considers a diesel driving ban for A40 motorway in the Ruhr +++

In the Ruhr area, there could be a disqualified driving ban on a busy highways section. In the case of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe complaint against the clean air plans for Essen and Gelsenkirchen, the Gelsenkirchen Administrative Court considers a limited zone for large parts of the Essen city area. The highway also leads through this domain.

Air pollution caused by the traffic of the motorway is likely to be reduced only by including this route in the environmental zone, chairman of the Chamber Chamber, Margit Balkenhol, said Thursday at the hearing. For Gelsenkirchen, the chamber considers a diesel driving ban for a highway

+++ 12.05 clock: Brexit British Secretary of State, Suella Braverman, +++ resigned

British Secretary of State Brexit, Suella Braverman, has resigned. That told Braverman through the Twitter short message service. She is protesting against the First Minister's Brexit agreement Theresa May. Previously, his head, Minister Brexit Dominic Raab, and Labor Minister, Esther McVey, had already resigned at his office. For Prime Minister Theresa May, resignations are a huge refusal. Only on Wednesday night, May, he had worn his cabinet after hours of debate, the approval of the draft. The lowest house is expected to vote on the agreement only in December.

+++ 11.45 am: Justice in Riyadh asks for a suspected death sentence in the case of Khashoggi +++

The public prosecutor's office in Saudi Arabia has demanded a penalty for the death of five suspects for killing journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Istanbul Consuls. A spokesman for Riyadh's public prosecutor said that the Washington Post columnist is being drained, killed and cut into the consulate by those who carry out. Then the parts of the body were given to an agent outside the consulate area.

+++ 11:39: Saudi Attorney General calls in the case of Khashoggi +++ dead sentences

In the case of journalist killing Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Attorney General has called for the fifth penalty for five people. He said that at a press conference in Riyadh.

+++ 11:23: British Labor Minister resigns against a protest against Brexit Deal +++

When protesting against the EU-designed Brexit agreement, Labor Minister Esther McVey has resigned. The deal, which Prime Minister Theresa May had presented to Cabinet, in line with the British British citizens' vote, McVey explained his resignation in a letter to May. The minister of Brexit Dominic Raab and Northern Ireland on Thursday protested on the deal Secretary of State Shailesh Vara resigned

+++ 11:09: British Employment Minister Esther McVey resigns +++

Labor Minister Esther McVey has resigned. That told the Tories politician in the Twitter short message service.

Clog +++ 11:04 clock: husband had to cut away jealousy's hands – 14 years imprisonment +++

Because he had broken his wife's hands, a Russian man had been sentenced to fourteen in prison with tighter prison conditions. In addition, he must pay his pre-partner compensation more than 2 million rubles (about 26,000 euros), judged by a judge near Moscow, the Tass agency. The case has triggered global strength a year ago. Then, the mother of two children wanted to separate from his partner, which then hijacked into a forest and hitting an ax on his victim. After that, the woman's offender made a hospital where only doctors could save one hand.

+++ 10:47 clock: ECJ: air prices can not be set in any + ++ currency

Prices for flying within the EU may not be quoted in any money following a ruling by the European Court of Justice. Passengers who do not display the prices in euros would have to choose at least one currency that is objectively linked to the proposed flight, judge the judges of Luxembourg. This applies, in particular, to those currency that is a legal tender at the place of departure or destination (Case C-330/17). As well as the euro, with 19 stating money, there are nine other funds in the community.

+++ 10:43: Penalty order after Hitler welcomes the elite unit CAK and Bundeswehr +++

Because a soldier of the elite CAK unit has shown how many Hitler is welcoming, the Böbingen district court has issued a penalty order against the constable. I am accused of using the marks of unconstitutional organizations, the court spokeswoman confirmed a report by "Spiegel" online. The sentence was 40 sentences daily. Regarding the height he was not a court spokesman nor a spokesman for the public prosecutor of Stuttgart. According to the report, there are 4000 euros.

The man had opposed the penalty order. Usually there will be a hearing of the case. No precise details were made on the background of the event.

+++ 10.25 clock: Maer Paris wants to make a mid + + + pedestrian zone

The mayor of Paris wants to turn the historic center of the French capital into pedestrians. In four inner city areas, according to Anne Hidalgo's socialist plans, car traffic is really broken, according to the AFP news agency of the city hall of Paris. Within the proposed pedestrian zone, tourist attractions are like Louvre Cathedral and Notre Dame.

In the future, electricity litter is meant to transport people. Already now, the mayor extends the cycle path network. The project for the pedestrian zone to operate in accordance with the information but only in the possible possible season of Hidalgo from 2020. Your re-election is not considered safe.

+++ clock 10.00: The Minister left Brexit Dominic Raab +++

British Minister Brexit Dominic Raab left the office when protesting in the draft EU league agreement. Raab was published on Twitter. The lawyer is considered to be ambitious and holds a number of jobs in politics, including in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The British media considered to take politicians further in these days when protesting against Theresa May's and the First Minister's plans. Potential providers included Minister for Trade Liam Fox, Development Support Minister, Penny Mordaunt and Labor Secretary, Esther McVey.

+++ 9.45 clock: Korea falls down guardians in the border area with North Korea +++

South Korea provides instruments in the border area of ​​Korea in Ireland to reduce military tensions with North Korea. South Korean military was hiding an animal post in the Cheorwon area with dynamite in the presence of the local and overseas press.

Already last week, North and South Korea had removed parts of their soldiers and their weapons from some guards. The two countries intend to reach eleven of their guards in the border area by the end of the month. The measure is part of an agreement to reduce military tensions signed by the leaders of the two countries in September.

+++ 9.15 am: The British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland resigned +++

The Secretary of State of Northern Ireland, Shailesh Vara, resigned when protesting in the Brexit plans. This shared the Twitter short message service. The British Tory politician described as "a proud nation" that it should not be reduced to enforce the rules of other countries. "The people of the UK deserve better."

Video: Victory for May in a dispute over Brexit Deal

+++ 8.42 am: Ticket convene Brexit +++ Special Summit

Following the developments in the Brexit discussions, Donald Donald Council President convened a special conference to draw up a European Union rescue agreement with Britain. The meeting of the State Headlines and the EU Government was held in Brussels on November 25, Tusk said.

+++ 8.25 am: Police & the United States find 44 frozen dogs +++

When looking for a house in the state of New Jersey, the police have found 44 dead dogs in plastic bags wrapped in freezers. Around 130 other dogs lived in a state of neglect on land in the Shamong community, as the local police said on Facebook. The 65-year-old resident in the house is now responsible for the cruelty of animals in court, it was said.

So the police were on Tuesday, the health authorities in a supported site inspection. Officers were already facing too many animal burdens, so that some were ill, it was said.

Four of the dogs found were taken to a veterinary clinic in a critical condition, the rest were distributed to different shelters, according to animal welfare establishments. Dogs and puppies of different fractions and their nursing would now need medical care. Many have fur, skin diseases and other problems.

+++ 7:53: Police search search centers in Rigaer street in Berlin +++

A large number of police have searched the linksautonome center in the street of Riga and three other places in Berlin. The 560 flight officers in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Neukölln areas were launched at 06.00 clock, as a police spokesman for the AFP news agency. According to the office of public prosecutor, seven suspects were asked in connection with a raid on Berliner Spätkauf in May 2018. The searches continued at 7:30 a.m., but were brought without an incident, as said by the spokesman police. The area around the house occupied at Rigaer Strasse 94 had closed.

The suspected seven could be reported by the police spokesman. I am accused of a dangerous assault. They are said to have injured the vendor in the late afternoon attack and damaged the business. Rigaer Straße 94 in Berlin is a housing project, there is always a conflict between police and relatives as well as sympathy of the Berlin squatter scene.

+++ 7.22 am: Sentence of death against Mexico 64 year old executed in Texas +++

Despite international protests, a 64-year-old Mexican acted for murder in the US state of Texas. The authorities say the death sentence 1993 given to Roberto Moreno Ramos with a deadly injection at Huntsville Chaison. Ramos had killed his wife and seven and three-year-olds in the city of Progresso near the Mexican border in 1992.

During the 25 years since the death sentence was declared, Ramos lawyers had repeatedly referred to alleged damage to the brain and their mental health issues of their mandate. State and human rights organizations complained that Ramos had been told by US researchers for their right to legal aid from the Mexican Consuls. The Mexican government said Monday that the 64-year-old operation would amount to "contrary to human rights and international law". UN experts also criticize the proposed operation. Following a Mexican legal lawsuit in 2003, the International Justice Court ordered Hague to reopen the case. However, the Supreme Court of this US refused in 2008.

+++ 6.25 am: Stormy's attorney Daniels attorney arrested domestic violence +++

The lawyer of Stormy Daniels's actor pornine, who is running lawful law with Lord USA Donald Trump, may need a lawyer. Michael Avenatti was arrested in suspicion of domestic violence against a woman in Los Angeles, US media reported. Police West West confirmed arresting Avenatti on Twitter, as well as alleged against. The bail was set for release at $ 50,000 (approximately € 44,200). The police did not mention further details with reference to ongoing investigations. Even the police spokesman, Josh Rubenstein, did not want to give details of the "L. Times". The woman's identity was not mentioned.

Avenatti spoke himself after being released in front of current television cameras of "false allegations". He has never abused anyone, he respects every girl. "I'm looking forward to my full relief," he said. According to the online magazine report "" it is said that the lawyer has abused a woman. The event had already happened on Tuesday. When identifying police sources, states that Avenatti is knocking the girl and throwing her out of the flat.

+++ 5.50 cloc: raccoons syfrdanol – drunk rather rabid +++

The railways were heavy and frightened, by residents of Milton in West Virginia fearing the timber and demand of the police. But when the police arrived and some of the animals arrived, the matter began to be drunk, according to a wild idea. The animals had eaten cracked apple apples that had already fermented on the tree. "They have drunk the crab apples," the media quoted from the police statement to the public. The animals caught had landed in "cells to smoke to raccoons" and released later into wild cars.

+++ 5.05 clock: Two failed attacks in Buenos Aires +++

Two bomb attacks in Buenos Aires have failed, according to the authorities, in connection with the forthcoming G20 summit. Three alleged criminals were arrested. First, a couple in the cemetery had tried to put home explosives on the mawmoleum of a former chief police force, who was killed in 1909 by an anarchist. Attaching the woman, seriously injured, according to the TN news channel.

A few hours later, throwing a man into a pack that included a home bomb in the frontier of the federal judge's apartment, Claudio Bonadío, who had established corruption cases against former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The bomb was not exploding. The man was arrested by the guard's guardians.

"Certainly, both cases are related to the forthcoming G20 summit," said Marcelo D 'Alessandro, security secretary of the City of Buenos Aires. The offenders are associated with an ungrateful group. In Buenos Aires, at the end of the month, the heads of state and government of the main industrial and emerging economies will meet for the G20 summit. There are about 20,000 security forces to use.

+++ 4.48 clock: the number of fat deaths in California continues to increase +++

The main fires in California have claimed more lives. North Campaign fires increased the number of deaths to 56 after another eight bodies were discovered, according to the sheriff Butte County, Kory Honea. These are more deaths than ever before a fire in the state since records started. From Paradise, only silenced ruins were waiting.

In southern California, near Malibu, northwest of Los Angeles, the Woolsey fire continues to scare. Beide Brände haben bereits Hunderte Quadratkilometer Wald und Tausende Häuser zerstört. Im Süden belief sich die Zahl der Todesopfer bislang auf zwei. Insgesamt starben bislang also 58 Menschen durch die verheerenden Feuer.

Brandkatastrophe in California: Amateurvideo zeigt furchteinflößende Feuerwand - weitere Todesopfer gefunden

+++ 4.17 Uhr: Mexikos neuer Präsident will Nationalgarde in Drogenkrieg schicken +++

Mexikos künftiger Präsident Andrés Manuel López Obrador will für den Kampf gegen die mächtigen Drogenkartelle eine 50 000 Mann starke Nationalgarde ausheben. Die neue Truppe soll sich am Vorbild der spanischen Polizeieinheit Guardia Civil und der französischen Gendarmerie orientieren und von den Streitkräften ausgebildet werden. Menschenrechtler kritisieren die zunehmende Militarisierung des Kampfs gegen die Verbrechersyndikate in Mexiko. "Seid versichert, dass sie die Menschenrechte achten werden", sagte der Linkspopulist bei der Vorstellung seines Sicherheitsplans. Am 1. Dezember wird López Obrador als Staatschef vereidigt.

+++ 3.34 Uhr: Chef von Victoria's Secret räumt Posten +++

Wenige Tage nach der letzten großen Modenschau von Victoria & # 39; s Secret ist der Chef der bekannten US-Dessous-Marke, Jan Singer, zurückgetreten. Das bestätigten informerte Kreise der Nachrichtenagentur AFP. Singer stand seit September 2016 an der Spitze des Unternehmens, dessen Shows mit Topmodels zu den meistgesehenen Fashion-Ereignissen der Welt zählen. Gründe für Singers Rücktritt wurden zunächst nicht bekannt. Allerdings schwächeln die Verkaufszahlen von Victoria & s Secret. Außerdem löste Marketing-Direktor Ed Razek kürzlich eine Kontroverse aus, als er in einem Interview mit dem Magazin "Vogue" ausschloss, die Marke könne auf Transgender-Models oder rundliche Mannequins zurückgreifen.

+++ 3.25 Uhr: Perlen-Anhänger von Marie-Antoinette für knapp 32 Millionen Euro versteigert +++

Ein diamantbesetzter Perlen-Anhänger der französischen Königin Marie-Antoinette ist für umgerechnet knapp 32 Millionen Euro versteigert worden. Bei der Versteigerung des Auktionshauses Sotheby's in Genf erhielt ein anonymer Bieter den Zuschlag. Der Preis übertrifft den Schätzpreis um ein Vielfaches: Sotheby's hatte den Wert des Anhängers mit einer großen, birnenförmigen Perle mit zwischen ein und zwei Millionen Dollar angegeben.     Beim Verkauf von zehn Schmuckstücken der 1793 hingerichteten Königin wurden insgesamt rund 38 Millionen Euro eingenommen. Eine diamantbesetzte Brosche brachte knapp 1,6 Millionen Euro ein. Versteigert wurden auch Perlen-Ohrringe und eine Perlen-Halskette.

+++ 2.44 Uhr: CDU-Arbeitnehmer gegen Änderungen an Hartz IV +++

Der CDU-Arbeitnehmerflügel lehnt grundlegende Änderungen des Sozialsystems Hartz IV ab. "Ob Garantiesystem oder Grundeinkommen, das sind doch Quatschbegriffe. Es geht darum, dass wir die Menschen in Arbeit bringen", sagte der Chef der Christlich-Demokratischen Arbeitnehmerschaft (CDA), Karl-Josef Laumann, den Zeitungen der Funke-Mediengruppe. Nur so könne man Armut überwinden. Er wies auf die Koalitionspläne für einen sozialen Arbeitsmarkt hin, bei dem bezuschusste Stellen für Langzeitarbeitlose geschaffen werden sollen. "Das ermöglicht Teilhabe, nicht diese immer wiederkehrende Debatte der SPD, ihrem eigenen Kind Hartz IV einen neuen Namen zu geben."

+++ 2.13 Uhr: Bolsonaro ernennt Karrierediplomaten zu Brasiliens künftigem Außenminister +++

Brasiliens künftiger Präsident Jair Bolsonaro wird den Karrierediplomaten Ernesto Araújo zum Außenminister machen. Der 51-Jährige sei ein "brillanter Intellektueller", schrieb Bolsonaro bei Twitter. Der US-Experte Araújo verfüge über fast drei Jahrzehnte diplomatische Erfahrung.     Araújo leitet derzeit die für die USA und Kanada zuständige Abteilung im brasilianischen Außenministerium. Im Wahlkampf zählte er zu den Unterstützern des Rechtspopulisten Bolsonaro. Medienberichten zufolge beschimpfte er Mitglieder der linken Arbeiterpartei in einem Blog als "Terroristen".

Jair Bolsonaro : Das sind die politisch inkorrektesten Zitate des neuen brasilianischen Präsidenten

+++ 1.53 Uhr: Buffett steigt bei JPMorgan ein – Aktien für vier Milliarden Dollar +++

Staranleger Warren Buffett ist mit seiner Investmentgesellschaft Berkshire Hathaway in großem Stil bei der größten US-Bank JPMorgan Chase eingestiegen. Im dritten Quartal kaufte die Investment-Holding des 88-jährigen Börsengurus mehr als 35 Millionen Aktien des Geldhauses und baute so eine Beteiligung im Wert von rund vier Milliarden Dollar (rd 3,55 Mrd Euro) auf. Das geht aus einer Mitteilung an die US-Börsenaufsicht SEC hervor.

Yn ogystal, mae Buffett yn ddibynnol iawn ar fanciau a gwasanaethau ariannol yr Unol Daleithiau: tyfodd ei gyfran o Bank America hefyd yn gryf dros y chwarter diwethaf, gyda Berkshire Hathaway yn ychwanegu at Goldman Sachs, US Bancorp a Bank of New York Mellon, ac ymuno â Gwasanaethau Ariannol PNC , Großaktionär Buffett und JPMorgan-Chef Jamie Dimon sind seit langem befreundet, zudem betreiben ihre Unternehmen zusammen mit Amazon ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt in der Krankenversicherung.

+++ 0.25 Uhr: Trump unterstützt Pläne für Strafrechts- und Gefängnisreform +++

US-Präsident Donald Trump unterstützt Reformpläne aus dem US-Kongress, das Strafmaß für bestimmte kleinere Delikte zu reduzieren und die Resozialisierung von entlassenen Häftlingen zu verbessern. Das verkündete Trump in Washington. Das überparteiliche Vorhaben werde für mehr Sicherheit sorgen und gebe früheren Häftlingen eine zweite Chance im Leben, sagte Trump. "Das ist ein großer Durchbruch für viele Menschen." Es gebe viel Unterstützung für das Vorhaben, auch und gerade bei Vertretern der Strafverfolgungsbehörden.

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