Thursday , May 26 2022

“My lungs burned like fire”


Recently, the ox-feds had some good news: Baby Cheyenne will be a mother and Natascha will be a grandmother. Now the designer announces something quite unpleasant: She’s sick with Covid-19.

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In fact, Natascha Ochsenknecht and her daughter Cheyenne were announced as guests of a talk show last Friday. They both wanted to talk to the group about their newly published book. In the end, they were not shown on television. Now the 56-year-old explains in a video on Instagram that you can see in the article above: “Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible because I have Corona.”

Natascha Ochsenknecht explains in a video that lasted more than two minutes that she wanted to contact us earlier, but that she had been “cast out for the last ten days”. She goes into more detail on the symptoms that have shown her: “I was lying flat with bad coughs, with very bad body aches. My eye sockets had cracked and my lungs were burned like fire.” She is feeling better now, but she still has a cough. In addition, she has lost her sense of smell and taste. “I hope he comes back soon. I’m just drinking and eating paper and water. It’s completely lost, which is a weird feeling.”

Anyone who has seen it on TV and the web over the past few days should not be surprised, he explains that these are “pre-recordings.” “It’s not really an easy walk.” She herself is a risk patient and for this reason is particularly happy “to have survived this so well”. At one point Ochsenknecht underwent vascular surgery – “that was just before closing. The ship was so frustrating and about to explode, that would be it. My heart has had a little quirk since then,” the model explained on Instagram. She repeatedly shows her scars and fights against having to hide them.

Everything is fine in Cheyenne

Ochsenknecht is with her right now a pregnant woman in Austria. Cheyenne moved there with her boyfriend, Natascha Ochseknecht has registered a second home in her youngest’s new adopted home. He explains: “Cheyenne is fine. She was sick too, but thank God it’s not about me.” It’s unclear if she had Corona or something else as well. The author says: “I was always in quarantine and hope to have a negative test soon so I can travel to Germany as well.”

Actually, she’s already finished her video, when she comes back: “To everyone who says there’s no Corona: but yes, I have it in writing and I felt it was on my own body Hold the ball flat and don’t make people even more insecure as you always do. “She wishes her fans the best, she asks them to take care about themselves and staying healthy.

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