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Mega Discounts on Chinese Friday


Individual Day is held on 11.11.2018 and is based on the "1 for Single" symbol. It is often referred to simply as "Double 11". Especially in the last decade, the single day has won a huge amount of importance and can order a billion dollar business within the first few hours last year. But what is behind the Chinese self-reflective "holiday", is the Day of Individuals celebrated in Germany and the value of the deal?

What is Individual Day?

Since the 1990's, the Individual Day in China has already been celebrated and it is aimed at all the single in the country. It is considered that the 1 is a single symbol and thus celebrates the Chinese at the most appropriate date of 11.11. every year. The single day began at the University of Nanjing and was continued by those students even after graduating as a tradition. Although Star Day is originally celebrated as a baccalaureate day and some kind of "flangan day" by young men, it is now very popular with both sexes.

There are many blind dates, parties for single, but also many marriages on this day. Some universities also offer special programs for singles to celebrate with each other.

Really popular and have come to know Units Day, however, due to the number of deals and discounts, 11.11. especially in online trading.

Individual Day will be an online shopping day

Over the years, more and more people have been celebrated Individual Day, so that more and more companies use the day as a platform for themselves. As well as advertising locally, this was especially the case for online stores, making Individual's Day become the largest online shopping day in the world.

Individual and Alibaba Day

The fact that Individual Day has expired is a shopping day for everyone from China and now beyond, because of the Chinese online retailer of Alibaba and the founder of Jack Ma. Having inspired by the Black American Friday he wanted to introduce an annual shopping promotion and finally decided on November 11. For the first time, the 2009 bargain day was held and depending on smart marketing, according to which the singles should treat themselves on this special day something for themselves. It was not long before other online retailers also followed fit.

Last year, Alibaba managed to achieve one within 24 hours Turnover of 25 billion dollars. With that, Individual Day almost doubled so much revenue with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the United States.

When is 2018 Individual Day?

Individual Day falls on November 11 each year, this year on Sunday. But that does not affect the main business online.

• 2018 Singles Day: November 11, 2018, Sunday

• Singles Day 2019: November 11, 2019, Monday

• Singles Day 2020: November 11, 2020, Wednesday

Why is Individual Day on November 11?

November 11 reads "11.11." And it's a reminder of four mael branches. For the Chinese, this is a symbol of unreading and so a sign of the one.

Since not only have the four "single" meanings but can also be used in the meaning "the one and only", on the day of the single on the road also there are closer than average marriages closed .

Which German providers have offered an Individual Day?

German online trade has found Individual Day over its own, so there are several yearly expanding providers and bargaining offers. These are not just electronics, but also many other fields. For example, providers this year include:

• The media market

• Lidl

• Aldi


• Amazon

• Douglas

• u.v.m.

2018 Individuals Day in Germany

In Germany, Individual Day is still relatively unknown, but with each year it is more important. Also, therefore, because large Chinese stores, such as Aliexpress or Gearbest, announced earlier this year that they would target the European market. But many German companies also take the opportunity to remember their customers.

This year's Individual Day announces November with several bargaining days, because shortly after the Cyberweek starts from 19.11, which should already hold many deals especially on Black Friday at 23.11. 2018 at Cyber ​​Monday on 26.11.2018,

Individual Day, Cyber ​​Monday or Black Friday?

Although Cyber ​​Monday mainly offers electronics, Black Friday is particularly interesting for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle areas. Individual's Day in turn offers a wide range of different products for almost all areas of life.

On the other hand, it's hard to compare which best offers are the best. For example, consumer centers have even warned in recent years that the discounts in Cyber ​​Week are higher than commercial prices and not all deals are worthwhile. Anyone who would like to order from the Chinese stores must also arrange that only some pages have only an automated translated version of German. Sometimes it can bring to the supply due to the distance and also in terms of consumer rights, it can sometimes be difficult to handle problems.

Basically, all discounts are worthwhile, not to rush into a sweep rush, to compare prices if necessary and not to be abolished by the first offer.

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