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Liam Hemsworth shows a house after the fire: Love has stayed – people


If that is not a sign …

The most deadly fire in the history of the United States has damaged California, hundreds of thousands of people are running, bringing them to safety from boring forest fires. In the meantime, the fire has claimed 50 lives. Also in the famous stronghold of Filau Malibu several pillars such as the Thomas Gottschalk estate (68) have been burned down.

His neighbors Liam Hemsworth (28) and Miley Cyrus (25) also held him.

The last remains came to Hemsworth and Cyrus to heart – they promised to give a large amount of money.

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Photo: liamhemsworth / Instagram

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Pre-post picture of the Hemsworth Instagram storyPhoto: liamhemsworth / Instagram

Hemsworth wrote in his post: "The last few days have been overwhelming. That's what's left of home. Love. Many people in Malibu and around California have lost their homes and I'll feel with anyone affected by the fires. I spent the day in Malibu and it was great to see people helping each other where they can. Malibu has a strong community and this reduction will only be make us stronger I am so grateful I love you, people I love Malibu Thank you to all the rescued firemen in California, it will take time to rebuild everything. Stay strong. "

Deadly fires have been amazed since Thursday in the north and south of California, destroying hundreds of square miles of forests and thousands of homes. Many people had to leave their homes, and some could now return home. Many celebrities record the extent of the destruction on social media, including Liam.

Hemsworth's house, where he and she's mostly living Michaely Cyrus, is now standing. There are 420 square meters, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a jacuzzi in the garden – the property belonged to two years ago it is alleged that Thomas Gottschalk used it as a guest house before it was sold.

Cyrus drove, "I'm bored. I'm one of the lucky ones. My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE are safe and that's all that are important. My house is now standing, but the memories I'll share with friends and family continue. I'm grateful for everything I have. "

The couple announced through a spokesman who would give the Malibu Foundation $ 500,000 to help victims.

The flames also affect these stars:

Gerard Butler (49)

"On Saturday I drove through Point Meanwhile. I'm thinking of everyone who has lost their lives and their homes in the flames. I was one of the lucky ones, my town was only half of the house. Many people have lost everything and now they have to rebuild everything from the start. I'm really and thank you for the congratulations. Those that are needed, especially here in California. I have set up a crowdfunding website. "

Thomas Gottschalk (68)

Jessica Simpson (38)

"I pray for anyone who is affected by the terrible flames. I've been disposed for 48 hours now and we hope the angels will protect our house. The firefighters who were able to protect our house. "

Orlando Bloom (41)

"That was my street two hours ago. I pray for my Malibu family to be safe, and I'm grateful to the firefighters."

Kim Kardashian (38)

"Try to get the fire out of my head and hide it with it. We're all safe and that's all that's important."

Shannen Doherty (47)

"Our house versus many reports in order. I have already explained in my last job that the house was only used and burned down for some events. It was my best friend and & # 39 My heart is broken, thanks to everyone who has asked. I was in Malibu through the day, by water what I can and dumping small fires and caring for my friends, many of them will return to nothing. As the winds rise again, no-one knows how long the peace will last. But we are a strong community, not one of the celebrities, but of people with the greatest hearts and; The strongest will. Thanks to all the firefighters and just sleeping Sheriffs to protect us. "

Robin Thicke (41)

"Our house is on the left side. Pray."

Neil Young (73)

The singer criticized on his website of President Trump, who caused criticism on Twitter, because he blamed "poor forest management" for the disaster. Young has ever lost a house in the flames.

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Photo: Nils Meilvang / dpa

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The singer also hit the USA Neil Young from the flames Photo: Nils Meilvang / dpa

Young wrote: "California is fragile – not because of the management of poor forests, as our president known wants us to believe. […] We are vulnerable due to climate change. Extreme weather events and extensive drought are part of it. "

Forest fires in California threaten celebrities near Los Angeles: Thomas Gottschalk, Dana Schweiger, Jessica Simpson and Co flee from Malibu in front of the fire

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