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Labo VR has been installed from Nintendo in the test: The first tanker, then amazed


The world where a person is supposed to fly like a bird appears in a cardboard building with wings and beaks. You keep it in front of your eyes while pumping air with the foot and giving it a lift. In a kind of rocket launcher that works with elastic, meanwhile, monsters appear, which are shot down and in a camera, which can be rotated, an underwater world appears.

Nintendo creates Labo VR something that shouldn't really work: Virtual Reality with the switch. VR as understatement rather than high gloss.

The virtual reality euphoria of the last few years has recently reduced despite new products like the Quest Oculus. VR has become an area of ​​gambling for technology enthusiasts, with impressive technical developments but few games to get casual gaming to buy e-meals. Few want to sit on the sofa with VR glasses and headphones.

So this may be the right time to completely rethink VR. Nintendo did that with Labo VR and cut the technology down to the fundamentals: the curious look to a strange world, providing an illusion, independent of technique and perfection.

Nothing to technology fetishists

One thing should be clear from the start: Labo VR cannot compete with Oculus Rift, HV Vive or Playstation VR only. The Switch's technical capabilities are too limited to produce a VR image that satisfies purifiers. So if you're looking for the highest resolution, expecting a perfect simulation, you shouldn't bother with Labo VR. Others can do that better. But if you want to be enthralled, this is fine.

The game starts – like with the first Labo boxes – building the manager or better saying the toy. Cardboard objects have been cut in advance being folded together, which on the one hand controls the game, on the other hand there are game objects.

The heart of the set is a box with a VR lens that the switch is pushed into to create the image. These cardboard glasses are placed alternately in each of the other objects: a shot of the name blaster, mechanical bird, small pin wheel, camera, poplar elephant head, foot pedal. But in construction, you can have hours and hours of fun, at least if you don't have children who want to build everything themselves – and then of course play the same.

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Nintendo first:
This is the VR Lab set

Labo VR is suitable for children, unlike the more expensive glasses. Here one holds the glasses, or the cardboard controller, where the glasses are set, at the end itself. No one has headphones either, which is why there is still plenty of contact with reality. In addition, the games are split into short sections, again and again are warned to take a break.

The virtual flight is described by my son's ten-year-old friend as "beautiful", the blaster with his monster hunt is just "cool". Some games are less exciting, others more so. The windmill is rather deserted, an exciting race in the air.

Labo VR manages to get to grips with many senses

The cardboard toys turn out quickly not only funny packages, but also devices that increase the gaming experience: beat a rubber band on the blaster, the wind is fan in the surface with the foot foot, blowing on the windmill. Labo VR manages to get to grips with many senses.

However, less convincing, the modifications are to Labo VR for "Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath" and "Super Mario Odyssey". With "Zelda" you can play the whole game in VR, with "Mario" some extra levels. This is not essential. What is called VR here has more of a very successful 3D effect. And no one will go through "Breathe the Wild" with your glasses in front of your eyes and your fingers touch the managers.

Nice is the effect, if you're looking for a great place in the world of "Zelda", the VR mode is activated and you are using the whole thing t like a little drama, we understand it as a great short look to the world. Then you can let Link jump off a cliff, follow it at parachute, and then quickly switch back to the normal mode – before you get sick, because the picture is not as liquid as it is it needs to be.

"Super Mario Odyssey" has reached a few levels where Mario collects musicians and instruments to his orchestra. But even here, the VR method has to be scratched on it, it's more of a technical test than a real game.

The Lab installed VR but do not make these two journeys worse. There's an exciting toy, that children – and adults – can do their first steps into the VR world. It's appealing to the senses and it also makes fun crafting beyond the screen.

"Set VR Labo" from Nintendo for Switch, about 70 euros; USE: From 6 years

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