Tuesday , October 4 2022

International Emmy Award: Anna Schudt gains the role of Gaby Köster


Germany's actress, Anna Schudt, won the Best Actress category at the International Emmy Awards: So Schudt was awarded for his work in the RTL production "Sniff would have been enough" – in the TV, he plays & # 39 ; r comedie Gaby Köster. Among others, he became famous with RTL Rudi Carrell's "7 Days, 7 Heads" and the "Rita's World" series; In 2008, he had a stroke. In his autobiography, Köster describes how he fought back.

"Gaby, we finally came to New York," said Schudt now at the awards ceremony at the New York hotel to sit in the comedian audience. "I love you."

Köster (l.) A Schudt 2016 shoot


Köster (l.) A Schudt 2016 shoot

Schudt was in the category "Best Actors" against Emily Watson from Great Britain, Hereo Mbedu from South Africa and Denise Weinberg from Brazil.

International Emmy Awards awards in 13 categories. He won the top prize for the best drama series "La Casa de Papel", which runs in Germany in the Netflix streaming service.

O Alma, the WDR "Toter Winkel" production was nominated for the Best Television Film / Miniseries. The movie with Herbert Knaup and Hanno Koffler had only defeated the British drama "Man in an orange shirt". The BBC's production tells the story of the family of a gay dad.

Last year, Germany won one of the TV awards with "Braun Family".

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