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In Berlin-Wedding: Patient Stable Carers – Performers On The Run! – Berlin


Berlin – A mentally ill man (30) threw his supervisor at Berlin-Wedding at 10.38 clock in an organization for people with mental illness. Then the attacker fled with the knife. It's not yet ready.

The emergency doctor can not do anything more for the carer (39). He complained about his injuries at the facility, as a police spokesman said. Witnesses who saw the assault were shocked and had to be cared for.

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Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

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The police have cordone off the area around the crimePhoto: Paul Zinken / dpa

The police travel with great help. Specialist Forces Officers (SEK) that triggered the facility for the man. The police had cordoned off the area in front of the facility. In front of the house there were several ambulances. A helicopter had circulated above the area.

► Probably, the police are still at high risk. In the vicinity of the facility around the meadow, he looks for the mock knife.

The police are known to the offender

The police warned Twitter not to approach the suspect and asked the population to report an offensive scene on the 110 emergency calls. In a tweet later, the officers said they knew the man by name and provided a description of the offender.

She is said to be living in the living facility with full 30-year-old support. I've been dressed last in dark.

According to unconfirmed reports, Arthur J. is suspected of Grozny (Chechnya) and released prison in March 2016 (prison for mental illness). There he had been convicted of a manslaughter attempt since June 2009.

After release, BILD said that information would be needed to complete training and to keep away from drugs. For this reason, the 30-year-old should exchange regularly with a carer.

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