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Horror crash in Macao: Flörsch German pilot but okay


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Horror crash in Macao: Flörsch German pilot but okay

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Sophia Flörsch Sophia Flörsch

Sophia Flörsch's racing driver in November 2017 in Berlin at the "The Golden Steering Wheel" ceremony. Photo: Britta Pedersen

Source: dpa-infocom GmbH

Accident with almost 280 things. After disaspecting almost, Flörsch, the young German driver rises, falls through security fencing. Overall, five people are involved in the horror accident. The 17-year-old from Munich will be implemented this Monday.

MACOA (AP) – The audience is in the hands of breath, in the pond route reigns: The 17-year-old German rash, Sophia Flörsch, has been severely injured on a narrow street circuit and dangerous Macau.

The images of its race car, which disappear over 250 kilometers per hour and unknowingly fall through the security fencing in a height several meters against accident barriers, and let the Sunday exclude the worst.

Just a few hours after the serious accident, the Munich woman told Twitter about the hospital: "I wanted to let everyone know that I'm right." He also announced that this would be implemented on this Monday. Surprisingly, Flörsch was already aware and easy to go after the horror accident in the World 3 Formula final.

Although she had a spinal cut, as the organizers said after a detailed investigation by the chief doctor of Conde General Hospital S. Jan. in Macao. However, his father of the German Press Agency, however, assured that his daughter had no signs of a party and could move everything.

In total, four more people were involved in the crash, which led to an hour break at the race. Sho Tsuboi, a Japanese junior pilot for lumbar pain, complained that one liver injury photographer suffered, and another and death suffered a trauma face and head. The Marshall also contracted a maximum jaw cut.

"For Sophia and those who take part in other accidents – we're thinking about you and continue to hope for the best," the European Champion of Formula 3 Mick Schumacher tweeted. Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher, a 19-year-old son, was able to catch up to sixth place in the Italian Primal Powerteam car. He secured the victory of Daniel Ticktum, who is 19 years old. The Briton has lost at Schumacher's European Championship distribution.

The sporting events came in the light of the terrible crash of Flörsch but a small issue. Munich's native, who turned 18 on December 1, did not move to Formula 3 later this year when competing for the Van Amersfoort Dutch team in Zandvoort. She had already recommended strong performances in Formula 4 and made it as the first girl twice on the podium.

She was the first daughter of Germany to compete in the Grand Prix in Macau. Applicable, finish Flörsch's 20th among 28 participants from 14 countries. She was 19 years old. In his fourth round crash, Flörsch was on site 15.

Initially, the cause of the accident was blurred. Flörsch obviously loses control of a car at the front of the Lisboa curve. She took a car that first blown the tail through the security fencing and over, before they reached the edge of the horse in the boundaries, behind photographers the opportunity to take pictures, several meters from height. Then he took the car back to the ground. The German Mercedes Formula 1 racing team sent through Twitter the desire for a lot of power to Flörsch and the other injured. Flörsch once again thanked Silver Money for their support.

The critique of the dangerous dangerous course was on the part of the drivers before the race was not practicable. He asked how much he liked the course, Victor Ticktum said on Sunday: "That's rhetoric, I'll fall in love for me the first time here."

For most pilots, including Mick Schumacher, a dangerous city circuit is one of the favorite racets. But the Grand Prix is ​​criticized there. Only last year a pilot was killed there.

The International Automobile Federation is now investigating a serious accident. This was confirmed by a FIA employee of the German Press Agency in Macao. He will also be involved in a statement by the company of the Chinese team Mick Schumacher. Guan Yu Zhou left behind the 17-year-old man from Munich before the accident and claimed he saw yellow warning lights on the stories.

"I think that is an organizational mistake. Sophia was very close to Jehan Daruvala, and when she broke her early, she did not have time to respond," said Zhou, continuing to describe & # 39 : The crash as he said: "She knocked her back-hand tires on her car in the car that she sent to the sky – up to the Lisboa curve fence." According to official timing , Flörsch was measured just a few meters before a curve zone and a curve with a speed of 276.2 km / h highest.

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