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Green party congress in Leipzig: Fight against national law


The grasses are in an excellent shape at the moment. At present, they are evident in the strongest second force in the surveys. In Bavaria and in Hesse, great electoral success was recorded. This should continue so in the coming year: Then a new European Parliament is elected – and the Green will plan the assault on the popular parties.

They just want to avoid the impression that they could become arbitrary. At the conference in their Leipzig party, Greens now sends at least some clear signals – for example, against the right.

Europe is going to tackle things "and not to go back to local places," said party leader Robert Habeck, on Sunday, among delegates' fun. If the problems are too great to solve in the individual states, they would have to be transmitted into transnational. "Europe is the cipher that politics will be able to act again." And further: "Europe is not Europeland and is Fatherland," he said. "Nationalists can not be unique."

Annalena Baerbock's Green Leader said Europe was in a deep crisis – as shown by the increase of right wing and pop-up extremists on the right, as well as a lack of ability to reform the EU. Politics on the lower common denominator rescues the crisis, warned her. "We take responsibility and find the European house new, ecological, democratic and social."

Judgment of the Wagenknecht collection organization

Habeck also called for a pragmatic course. "We live in Europe that is being attacked from the left and right," he said. And he differentiated himself from political movements such as French President Emmanuel Macron or "lifted" the left leader of Sahra Wagenknecht in Germany. Movements should not be directed against democratic institutions. "A policy based on a personality culture, which understands movement as a strong policy, is a narrow policy," he said. Such a move is similar to a pyramid that stands on its head and can be rapidly highlighted. "We need a wide pyramid."

In the Leipzig party congress, the delegates decided on the European elections weekend program in May 2019, Ska Keller and Sven Giegold also chose the leading candidate of the Green Party – a two-party interest.

Video: Party of the Greenens – "You do not want to look amazing"

Among other things, the party calls for a lower price for carbon, plastic tax on disposable products and uniform corporation tax in the light of EU elections. Social rights should be enforced. The Greenens is committed to the basic entitlement to a refuge, but at the same time stresses that everyone who can not wait.

Keller was one in the European list with 87.6 per cent, Giegold with 97.9 percent in second place. "Europe's democracy is under threat," said Keller in her bid speech. Giegold campaigned before the representatives for social Europe: "Europe means each other, not against each other."

Anger i Kretschmann

For an inflammation in Leipzig, there was an interview statement of the Minister of Baden-Württemberg provided by President Winfried Kretschmann. He spoke in the "Heilbronner Stimme" and "Mannheimer Morgen" on Saturday to keep "young men's men" among the refugees for security reasons away from big cities.

The leadership of the Green was surprised by the Kretschmann formulations. Habeck on ZDF spoke of "a remarkable radical wording". But in the matter Kretschmann is fine. There is a problem at present, devolved accommodation is the right answer.

On Sunday night there was an event on the side of the congress. The youth of the languages ​​of the right moved to representatives after party men and destroying Green flags. The right wing had called "Hitler Hitler". The Greeks called the police and filed a complaint.

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