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GNTM in the Ticker: Heidi Klum chooses the top model in the scandalous final

GNTM 2019: Heidi Klum has chosen her new top model. But that wasn't the only highlight of the show – if you'd like to talk about highlights. The ticker to read.

  • The final of the 2019 GNTM has gone ahead
  • Simone, Sayana, and Cecilia had the opportunity to climb the iron throne model
  • As well as Heidi Klum, the following main guests were invited to a big fight: Tyra Banks, Channing Tatum, Jonas Brothers, Ellie Goulding
  • We also saw: Tokio Hotel – and unpleasant unpleasant marriage
  • Eventually, only the German Next Top Model could be

+++ +++ UPDATE

23:15: And what do we learn today? If the finalist cancels at short notice, you will fill the gap with a live marriage. Heidi Klum deep neckline draws attention to the face. And GNTM is even more embarrassed. At least in the final. Nevertheless, I would be back again next year when he says, "Only one can become the Next Model of Germany."

23:15: So we could have been shorter, today. #dankevanessa

GNTM finals live: And the winner is … t

Clock 23.10: And it's … SIMONE

23.08: If one of them does not hold a lion baby in the air, we will rest completely.

23:05: THAT CAN ABILITY EXPERIENCE! Today's German Top Model is actually chosen.

22:58: Can Heidi Klum sing more than this one line of Hotel Tokio's song?

22:47: Everything about the most unpleasant program on GNTM always and all that comes – the live wedding – you can read this way.

22:42: And who is to blame for all the GNTM distress? Of course – Vanessa!

22:38: What does the hell happen on stage? That's one bacheloret party ?!

22:34: Oh, now it's still about modeling.

10:30 pm: It's nice from ProSieben that they also translate Heidi Klum at the same time.

22:28: When 372 people dance the soul on stage, the girls are not screaming until Channing Tatum's storms have been worn full on stage.

GNTM finishes in a live ticket: Moment Fremdschäm thanks to a live marriage

10:18 pm: No joke – this is the first time we look forward to advertising on GNTM. We have to brush our eyes and our ears quickly.

10:13 pm: "Well, you got married on my show, but now, let's move on."

10:11 pm: Herbert as a best man. We don't even pack this anymore. This is the most unpleasant GNTM finale ever.


22.07 clock: HA! The two are getting married now. Really. Real!

10 pm: Will Thomas marry her Theresa soon?

21:58: That's the Michalsky under the wig.

21:56: What is the Toni GNTM winner? You read that here.

GNTM 2019: First to go in the final … t

21:53: And there … CÄCILIA!

9:52 pm: "If you are very okay, you see, when it comes to the light on."

21:43: How to suggest Simone directly, that's the intention with the shoe. Shame on us. Shame!

21:35: Why did Wolles Mustache not have their own Twitter account?

21:24: Do you have to survive 37 commercial breaks until we know who wins the Personality Award?

21:22: By the way, KaTZorkale was once again asked who will be "Next German Model" – and the result will be .. oh, see for yourself:

21:17: The personality award. Earlier, he was still called his "Saalwette" in Gottschalk.

21.15: Thomas Gottschalk also pays for GNTM.

Clock 21.11: "It looks really good and has a good taste." Heidi Klum, if not talking about Tom.

GNTM 2019 in live ticket: Meechen with an important message – and Klum with a mega-click clip

Clock 21.04: Who should take the girls' messages seriously in this costume by Heidi Klum? #justsayin

9 pm: Simone looks like a giant man-made figure.

20:59: Simi is crying.

20:58: What has I written on a Simone dress? Love DNA? DIVE LUUE?

20:43: What Heidi Klum tells Tyra Banks: "It's great that you have invented a top model."

20:42: Age! That 's cool. Tyra Banks. Mega.

20.40 clock: Waaaaaas? Heidi Klum is NOT an inventor of the top model?

GNTM finals in 2019 in the living box: Heidi Klum shock with mega decollete

20:34: This term's review is really frustrating. So we have wasted the last few weeks. We could have sat down in front of a black screen.

8.30 pm: A colleague has just discovered why Heidi Klum is wearing such a large neck. "It's an efficient highlight of the decay in the surface region."

20:27: Wow, so the cleavage by Heidi Klum – because you could also provide a whole body painting. Userin finds the "blatant already". And another judge:

20:24: No – not only: Even better is that Heidi Klum does not sing himself this year. Phew!

8:20 pm: It's like the sketch with Martina was the best in this whole finale.

8:18 pm: Is this funny or can it go away?

20:14: Boris has become bold above … t

+++ O, Simi-Shine … somehow it was clear that even the GNTM finale will not be so complete without a stage drama. Training for a 21-year-old final seems to have been so bad that she has a hard time fighting. No question – the old competitive athlete Simone has a hard time behind her. For a long time she even sat in a wheelchair. However, the clock was asked when the final would complain. "It's a big challenge, hardly I can stand it with my feet," said the blonde in an interview with ProSieben about the catwalk training. "My feet are not working as well as some of the other girls." But Simi would not be Simi if she didn't master this barrier with flying colors. "I've been chewing my teeth through time, but only by far." But one thing is simple – and it's easy to predict that Simone will swing the finale on a pig, so to speak. Betting?

+++ Is it true? Will everything be over tonight? After 15 weeks of GNTM, we will see tonight who will follow the footsteps of the Toni GNTM winner. There is little choice left. #dankevanessa

GNTM: The big finale in the live ticket

We can hardly believe it – after weeks of tears, after nights "Lillet Wild Berry", after rage, after anger, after passion, after passion BEFORE the TVs, we will of the end find out how GNTM is coming to an end in 2019. It cannot be a coincidence that the Model Gorsedd is being climbed the same week as the Iron Age fate of GOT was revealed. Where tonight will definitely go out empty: Vanessa, as the "Sansa Stark of Bensheim", who has decided against the north and will voluntarily resist the coronation.

All that remains is Sayana (whose dark dark hairs are Jon Snow), Simone (who introduced the same amount of polluted air as Drogon), and Cecilia (no one knows how to survive after a while and who we do then, even reached the finals – the width of Jaime Lannister, who has a mission in the final but then but not too big) – who climbs the iron throne of Klum in the end? And will not beat performance by Jasmin "Joy" and Lena really? Will Channing Tatum really make sure that the female fans hold their breath tonight? All this will learn here – in our live ticket for the 2019 GNTM final.

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