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Giovane Elber and Stephane Chapuisat in an interview


They are still regarded as storm stories in their clubs. Stephane Chapuisat played between 1991 and 1999 for Borussia Dortmund and scored in 218 games of 103 goals for the black and yellow.

Giovane Elber was wearing a Jersey Bayer shirt from 1997 to 2003 and met 92 times in 169 games for Munich, today he is the club's ambassador.

Before the accident of BVB against the record champions (Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern Munich, Sa.30.30 clock at LIVETICKER) spoke Chapuisat and Elber in the SPORT1Interview about the duel.

SPORT1: Mr Elber, Bayern has landed the victory of work against AEK Athens. How did you see him?

Giovane Elber: It was not spectacular, but the main thing was a victory. The three points were important and that Bayern had won. And what should one say to Robert Lewandowski? Two goals – perfect for a center on. It's just great.

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SPORT1: The general situation in Bayern is not so big …

Elber: It started very well this season. But after five to six games somehow the worms were in it. The players seem confusing, but they have a world-class level. In Bayern, he knows that it can be turned from one day to another. Of course, here are the men on the field and the trainer. Everyone must accompany each other. That is not the case right now.

Elber: "Players know they can play better"

SPORT1: Why not?

Elber: The players themselves know that they can play better. Sports is good in the first game. At that point, everyone thought that there would be a march again. Because the master has already been set for many. But suddenly he did not work that way any longer. Now the players have to put everything back to go on the way to success. Just as a team can succeed. Or as Niko Kovac already said, no leaf should fit there.

SPORT1: Is it more a combined year for Bayern, maybe even without a title, Mr Chapuisat?

Stephane Chapuisat: It's too early to say that. Certainly, they had a season opener, who was definitely unwilling. But the season is still long, I'll see it as Giovane.

SPORT1: How do you see the Kovac situation? They used to play each other.

Chapuisat: It's a difficult situation for him. But when he came to Bavaria, he knew what he was involved in and that he would be relatively quick in judging failures. Especially after the successful series in the first games. But many can happen. Kovac was also a long player in Bayern. If you are not in the forefront with such a team and a sovereign in the league, you can be questioned. For Bayern, success is normal.

SPORT1: Mr Elber, how do you see Kovac?

Elber: If things go well, no matter what training method, then Niko is the best trainer. When things go bad, even the best training will not help. Then he gets all criticism. Niko is a good coach and I do not doubt it. I was skeptical at the beginning of the season if it was seized. But it came well. I do not think that the poor performance lasts in the trainer. You have to analyze and observe a lot. If the points are not removed, there is a theater in Munich and in the surrounding area, the discussion on the coach starts. You must give Niko the necessary time. He is a young coach but has already trained a Croatian national team with great names such as Luka Modric and Mario Mandzukic. And he was a player in Bayern, he knew exactly how he works.

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SPORT1: Are there any concrete mistakes that can be accused of it?

Elber: I do not think it does anything different than at the beginning of the season. So he did nothing from his place. Just because of the missing points, you're now accusing mistakes. That can not be. Now you have to be patient. The players, the bureau and Niko himself. You have to stick together now. They shoot the thing until Christmas. But he must produce better performance. The best that is already in the game in Borussia Dortmund.

Elber: "Kovac is not naive"

SPORT1: Do you think that Kovac is experiencing a winter break as a Bayern trainer?

Elber: I believe so. Bayern does not throw a coach after six months. Everyone would have to go bad and no concept would be known. I'm really hopeful that I can continue to work in peace and it is not nervous. Not only a few days is a coach and not naive. But I also hope that things will not happen that can not influence it.

SPORT1: Recently, the wife of Thomas Müller recently shot in Instagram against Kovac. Is that acceptable?

Elber: Of course, that was very unhappy, but she felt personal. If a best performer like Thomas suddenly sits on the bench, he also touches his wife. But both have to go through it. Thomas himself knows that he has to bring more. He has a great name, she is professional and has been a successful career so far. But such a job was rather excessive, something is not related to the public. What they're talking at home is their personal thing. The coach responded coldly. There is also a good coach behind players who do not currently bring 100 per cent.

SPORT1: Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic does not look happy. Especially after the home game against SC Freiburg, that's the case.

Elber: Please give a little understanding to Brazzo. I believe if Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge are saying something to the press, then Hasan does not have to say the same story again. Of course, one expects that the sports director of FC Bayern also say, so that one hears his understanding and a way of thinking about the sports director. It was only in the summer of 2017 that he worked in this post. And last year was not bad. You are learning a lot in such emergency situations. The famous press conference has come to an end and I prefer to look forward. Hasan should continue to work in peace. Now he sees how he likes to live through a bad time in Bayern. This is the first crisis.

Chapuisat believes "exciting season"

SPORT1: In BVB Matthias Sammer and Sebastian Kehl is in place as former players. Was this the definite move for success?

Chapuisat: You can not tie that up to individuals. That is a team effort at BVB. But he probably worked very well in Dortmund and made the right decisions about the team. And to the alliance, it is also exciting that Bayern is no longer sovereign. As a Dortmund coach, player and leadership are only a good team. They have many best performers who can help the team. In Dortmund, people act very sovereign.

SPORT1: Dortmund is leaders and Lucien Favre has done a great deal despite the first game in Atletico Madrid. Is he stupid for BVB?

Chapuisat: Completely. Lucien Favre is a great coach who has the ability to work with young players. It was a very good movement by Michael Zorc to get. The defeat in Atletico does not kill the team. At the moment it's going very well, as everything is co-ordinated and sovereign in the club. That does not surprise me. I was convinced that there was something possible with Favre. They got a good start, but the season is still long. I hope that the level can be maintained. If the experienced players stay healthy, the season will continue to be exciting.

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SPORT1: May Dortmund definitely dream of this season's championship?

Chapuisat: You are so on. The important thing now is that you look at the game by game. The team feels something is possible. She's moving on, scoring goals and playing good football. She believes in her strength, that is very important.

SPORT1: It sounds like BVB and the favorite on Saturday …

Elber: I think it's cool that the BVB is behind it. Bayern is guilty not at the top. The Borussia has a strong cohort. The Bundesliga has become more interesting yet worldwide. It's much better that the Bavarian ones do not control the Bundesliga with a big gap. There is now a need for morality to come back. It's very uncomfortable for my Bavaria at the moment. And it's unusual that two clubs are in front of them. The game in Dortmund is not an easy game.

Elber: Bayern does not change overnight

SPORT1: The Dortmund has implemented the change in the team with many young players perfect. Did FC Bayern lose her?

Chapuisat: You can not compare that. In recent years, the BVB has to sell for repeated financial reasons the best players such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ilkay Gundogan or Ousmane Dembele. The Bavarian people have always been one in the past. Now the page has turned a bit. The Dortmund has brought good players. They are ready when Bavaria weakens. Now they are there, and Bavaria is not in a higher state. Saturday is so very exciting. Bavaria strives to carry the assault on a regular basis. It can be a season that does not go well. The Dortmund makes a sound impression. There is a good mix of old and young people who bring stability.

SPORT1: How do you see it, Mr. Elber?

Elber: Bayern also came to the injury field. In BVB everything worked. Also the given rotation principle. Everything matches. Such a coach like Paco Alcacer wishes every coach. But Borussia Dortmund is also able to slip to a bad time. The Bavarians must collect and emerge more strongly from the crisis. At the moment, I would be happy if I could get rid of the Reds. That would be a good result. Difficult to say Bayern lost the break. You have tried to form a squad with the players you have. It may take a little longer. He did not work overnight. Niko supports young players. That is why he must also expect the class from the young players.

SPORT1: In BVB Reus is the key player, because he finally hurts. He is the head in the square. Is Bayern losing such a head?

Chapuisat: Reus has always been a great player. Unfortunately, he had often had injuries. I wish him to play a depressing season. That will be the crucial point. Of course, he also had reinforcements with major major performers in mid Wales. If Reus is fit throughout the season, he can make a difference with his / her class. He can play the end free and had already had a good time at Gladbach with Lucien Favre. That's and more. FC Bayern also hurts many youngsters that are important, such as Kingsley Coman and Corentin Tolisso. That's not easy. One thing is clear: A player like Reus makes every team good.

SPORT1: Striker Paco Alcacer also loved the fans. Is it a new Dupmund Chapuisat?

Chapuisat: (Laughter) No Dortmund has always been good in recent years. It was very difficult after Aubameyang sold to Arsenal to have another player who could make the difference. With Alcacer he is now a player of this kind. He was ready and took a shot. That was a very good decision from the BVB heads. Playful Alcacer has mostly joined the club.

Chapuisat: If the BVB wins, Bayern is uncomfortable

SPORT1: How was she with you then?

Chapuisat: It was a bit different to me. At the time it came to BVB and this is the youngest assault of three. I got the chance and I got it. It's different in Alcacer. It was known exactly who to get there. He worked directly. And it's easy to follow Aubameyang footprint.

SPORT1: What does Bayern recipe have to be against BVB?

Elber: Players need to realize their full potential and act as a team. One must be there to the other. Only then there is a possible victory. But Dortmund has the clear start position, there is much more confidence.

SPORT1: Mr Chapuisat, is Dortmund also the favorite for you on Saturday against Bayern?

Chapuisat: There are good conditions for victory, currently the BVB is a favorite. But it's also a very special and very important game. But the Bayern can do a good deal on Saturday again, in a row it could be very uncomfortable. The game is very interesting.

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