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From the translator to the candidate


How did you become a translator in the European Parliament?

I trained first as a translator in Italy and then studied political science as a part-time job. When I moved back to Germany in 2010, I did a master's course on interpreting conferences and then applying to the EU. I've always seen politics exciting, and the EU is one of the biggest employers in the industry. This is a great organization for translators and interpreters. Since 2015, I have been working in the EU Parliament, translating plenary, committee, factions and delegation.

At that time you were already a member of the Greens, now you're even a candidate. Is political commitment compatible with your work?

I see no ethical contradiction here, and since I have been working on my own for the EU and am not a licensed translator, I am also a little more free. However, there is a strong duty to maintain confidentiality and the retention of social media – the overall aim is not to misrepresent the organization. There is more of a time problem, especially when I was still doing politics in Bonn and I had to be there more often.

How do colleagues see your political commitment?

Before my candidacy, that wasn't a bit of a matter, because most colleagues stopped political statements. In the election campaign, of course, my political commitment became known, and then it was talked about. Most have welcomed this and supported me. They believe it is great that a representative of the profession could move to the Senate. As far as I know, I am also the first Parliamentary interpreter to go on that route.

Alexandra Geese, 50, from Bonn, is running for the first time in the European elections.

Is it difficult for you to translate views that contradict your opinion?

That 's happening, but part of the job. After New Year's Eve Cologne 2016 Marine Le Pen wanted to give a press conference on this topic, I was divided. In this situation, I prayed that the appointment will be canceled. Shortly before the start, it was pulled out of the program, because I was very grateful.

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