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Fritz OS 7.10 for Fritzbox 6490 and 6590 cable router is ready from the end

From AVM there is now good news for all users who want to wait for the FritzOS 7.10 finished devices: The provider has announced today to publish the updates for both FritzBox 6490 cable routes Cable to 6590 Cable. In addition, the update has already been released for the 540E and 546E powerline adapter.

And yet, the Internet experts from AVM can convert a few devices from the beta test to the finished version: From now on, the FritzOS 7.10 update is a feature for the two additional devices Fritz Powerline 540E and 546E through & The online update function. Berlin is now supplying two other devices with new additional functions for mesh networks. The update can be set on the Fritzbox interface or using the separate Fritz Powerline application (avm.de/powerline).

What cable customers will be proud of: Even today, the 7.10 FritzOS finished should be available for the FritzBox 6490 cables and 6590 Cable.

An update is already here

AVM has announced that it will release the updates for both router models today. So far, the AVM website has only faced the update for Cable 6590.

Many improvements

For all the devices, especially the improvements for the home network, they are interesting, as well as the new active Wi-Fi mesh navigation, where smartphones, PC and Co are automatically dialing to best network & t The repetition to allow the best connection is always possible.

New features in FritzOS 7.10 (6590 Cable Release Notes)


  • WLAN Mesh Navigation can direct devices (such as smartphones or computers) automatically to the best WiFi mesh repeater (Steering Point Access)
  • FritzDECT 400, the smart home push button, can be used on any FritzBox in the mesh
  • In the mesh now all FritzBox products have a common phone book
  • telephony:

  • Support for SIP system connections (SIP log) by Deutsche Telefon, dus.net, easybell, envia Phone and EWE / swb / osnatel
  • DECT:

  • DEC door intercom systems support (manufacturer Teleg√§rtner) t
  • DECT / FritzFon:

  • Simply offer a Wi-Fi guest access: Show the access data on the handset or WPS trigger
  • Block caller numbers directly from the phone call lists
  • Quickly access smart home devices as a favorite
  • Set up and delete forward calls directly from the handsets menu
  • home network:

  • Graphical display of the home network connection when editing a network device connection
  • Smart Home:

  • For the FritzDECT 400 smart home push button, a long button press is also possible for a second change operation
  • As option change for FritzDECT 400 is now a "template" that can be selected
  • system:

  • For some events, FritzBox sends information to your MyFritz account email address
  • If necessary, all LEDs on the device can be switched off in the user interface
  • Display the available updates for the Fritz products related to the home on the overview page

Avm, Fritzbox, FritzOS, FRITZOS 7.10
Avm, Fritzbox, FritzOS, FRITZOS 7.10

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