Saturday , January 22 2022

Frank Rosin: Emergency Medical Service at "The Taste"


Frank Rosin's TV chef probably looks like that. When taking advantage of his teammate on "The Taste," Rosin, who is not usually embarrassed by spelling, has suffered an allergic shock. He had to stop the show, even an emergency doctor was called to help the 52-year-olds to help. What happened?

20 competitors have been competing for the perfect spoon since mid October. The cooking show on Sat.1 is already in the sixth season. Once again in the jury quartet, Frank Rosin, the TV chef, who, along with Roland Trettl, Alexander Herrmann and Cornelia Poletto, want to correct the best possible spoons with a team to the final .

Demolition to Frank Rosin

The subject in the broadcast yesterday was "Forest". This should include ingredients such as spicy purple tops, lariper and juniper butter. To be able to taste the ingredients later, the chefs proved in advance. Also Frank Rosin. But it's allergic to tree flowers. She did not take her and Rosin became bad. He interfered with Cornelia Poletto and announced that he had to cancel the recording. Now I've just eaten this flower, I'm feeling sick and dish, "said the TV chef on the show.

He left the sofa in his dressing room. But he did not wait so. An ambulance was called and tired to help Frank Rosin. The star chef was bled and to inject a allergy drug. Although Rosin had to go back, the allergic reaction had results: Rosin could not taste the meals and therefore he did not dispatch any stars. The danger was too big that Frank Rosin responded again to the tree flowers.

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