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Fossil Sports: Colorful Smartwatch with new CPU and longer battery life


Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor aboard

Fossil becomes sporty and colorful. The American company is launching Fossil Sports. Not only did he get a colorful design, he also got a new Snapdragon Wear 3100 CPU. So, Fossil is one of the first smartwatch makers with the new chipset. We will tell you the price and availability of the Smartwatch.

Here's the new fossil sport.

Here's the new fossil sport. (Source: Fossil)


  1. Longer battery life thanks to a new processor
  2. NFC, OS Wear, GPS and heart rate monitoring
  3. Prices and availability

The US Fossil company has launched a wide portfolio of smart ways. We recently tested on the Human Resources Explorer Q. However, this was with the old processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100. Now the manufacturer presents another model: the Sport Fossil with & # 39; r new Comcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. You can see the new "Sportwatch" in the following video.

Longer battery life thanks to a new processor

Fossil is one of the first makers to supply a smart switch with the Wear 3100 platform. If battery life models with old processors were usually limited to one day, the new platform offer more than one day of battery life. In addition, new energy can be saved on board, which allows up to two more days battery life, according to Fossil. Of course, it's just a pure time display.

The battery also has more power and now has a capacity of 350 hrm. This should also benefit the other smartwatch application area: the sport. The smartwatch will last longer during the work. But the "sporty" design was also modified.

Fossil takes a typical fossil analog design of its models, simplifies this and combines it with colorful colors and new nylon aluminum housing. So, the weight is now 36 to 40 grams and the new smartwatch comparison is therefore compared to the HR 60 heavy company much easier. Fossil Sports houses are either 41 millimeters or 43 millimeters.

NFC, OS Wear, GPS and heart rate monitoring

As well as the new colorful cases and a new drive, however, almost everything remains the same. GPS and Bluetooth aboard. A heart rate sensor, altimeter, accelerometer,
The cylinder and the mild surround sensor should not be missing either.

For payment through Google Pay NFC, a microphone allows you to talk to your Google Assistant. In addition, the new smartwatch is abusive as well as the Human Resources.

Prices and availability

The Sport Fossil is now available for € 279 in Fossil stores or on the Fossil website. You can choose from four color cases with different bracelets. Additionally, additional silicon bracelets 28 are available for refurbishment. These have either a width of 18 or 22 millimeters.

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