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Formula for Eat Healthy: Harvard scientists solve the fat code


The ideal "formula" for a healthy diet does not yet exist. But Harvard scientists are on the path. In a first cycle of research, they looked at fats and carbohydrates and found that they were important – but not as it was thought of.

What diet will I do? Although some fall without any fat, others rely on low carbon food, the Mediterranean diet or stone age food. Some of these philosophies contradict in very basic assumptions, for example, about the question that fat is unhealthy or fit. This confuses many people who want to eat as healthy as possible.

Scientists around David Ludwig of Harvard Medical School in Boston have also recognized this problem and have been looking for a solution. They thought: Is not it necessary to reach a scientific consensus about how much fat is actually recommended?

Size is not important

For this purpose, a team of experts from different disciplines and with partially opposed views came together and evaluated the previous findings on the subject. The result is a set of basic guides that researchers believe they can be a formula for a healthy diet.

Specifically, they come to the following conclusions: Is low carbon or low fat carbons appear less definite than often presumed. "Current data suggests there is no ideal fat ratio for carbohydrates in the diet that is ideal for everyone," said researchers. "In addition, no dietary or calorie source has the same metabolic effects in every person."

There is a healthy body weight and low risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and Cho, which can reach most people with a wide range of Carb-Fat ratios.

Cross fats are double

However, people with insulin resistants are typical of type 2 diabetes and predecessors. It may be found that these patients particularly benefit from a high fat diet with rather carbohydrate content. The same is true for patients with glucose intolerance as well as people whose body produces insulin is excessive.

In general, however, the type of fats used is more important than the amount. For example, saturated fatty acids should be replaced with unsaturated, as Ludwig and his colleagues emphasize. And: "Industrially manufactured fractures are harmful and should be ban from the diet," they are writing.

Put whole grain

In addition, the less surprising recommendations for a healthy diet are: use as little sugar as possible and replace highly-refined carbohydrates, with full alternatives. In other words: Instead of white flour, rice to polish, table sugar and coat, whole grain, fruit and above all vegetables should end on the plate.

According to the scientists, these principles provide a good base. However, much detail in further studies should be explained. For example, do different ratios of carbohydrates to fats, regardless of caloric intake, affect the tissue composition of the body?

How exact can diabetic metabolism benefit from a ketogenic diet? And what fat composition is best for those people who eat extremely low carbohydrate? "If we find the answers to these questions, we can get more nutritional recommendations," bringing the team to the conclusion. (Science, 2018; doi: 10.1126 / science.aau2096)

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