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Formula 1: The son of Michael Schumacher's son Mick expresses himself

  • Michael Schumacher's son and friend, son, spoke on the Formula 1 star in an interview.
  • It is said that the son of Schumacher, Mick, has told him he is sometimes "difficult".
  • In the video above you can see: "Grand Prix of the Memories" – Michael Schumacher's personal memorabilia will be displayed here.

In 2013, Michael Schumacher, the Fiddle 1 legend, became hard skiing in the French Alps. Since then, very little information about the Schumacher health condition that has been dropped to the public.

Dane Nickas Nielsan is a friend and race colleague Schumacher, Mick. In an interview with the Danish newspaper "B.T.", the 21-year-old person mentioned Mick – and how he's dealing with his father's fate. Nielsan said:

"I know Mick very well, also private. He's a calm man, just like everyone else. He is also a very nice person who is open to everyone."

Michael Schumacher also met Nielsan from the front. He remembered Schumacher so seriously to the ground and the nice person.

Michael Schumacher had a serious accident in 2013

"Michael and Mick came in, shake hands with everyone and greet everyone." Someone like Lewis Hamilton would not do that, "he said at the age of 21 in an interview.

Nielsan also revealed how Mick deals with his father's fate:

"Mick did not show that he was sad about his father. She just says she's sometimes tough."

More know that the young racer is not. For athletes, Michael Schumacher's manager, Sabine Kehm, does not have information about the current health of Formula driver.


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Video: "I have a lot of memories!" A long time competitor thinks of a time with Michael Schumacher

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