Thursday , July 29 2021

Formula 1 in Brazil: Sebastian Vettel shows himself as an incredible traveler

Here are press reviews for the Brazil Grand Prix:


Daily Mail: "Lewis Hamilton is winning a controversial Grand Prix while Max Verstappen is flying his fist, calling Esteban Ocon a fake fraud after the absurd Frenchman wins the victory, and Mercedes wins and enjoys fifth title the team. "

And Guardian: "Hamilton wants to finish the season as successfully as possible, and he has done well in Sao Paulo, but this victory has fallen in his line." Hamilton did not dominate, he benefited from Ocon's mistakes in the second consecutive victory. "

The Telegraph: "Verstappen turned badly, a mistake by Ocon had destroyed his great race and, ultimately, without dominating Hamilton, celebrated his tenth win of the season, giving Mercedes a fifth World Team Championship, for Sebastian Vettel, it was a very bad day, a sixth place where he and Ferrari were too small. "

The sun: "Mad Max Verstappen goes to the competitor who brought the win, and Hamilton knocked his tenth win of the season, but this time he needed help." The Lew record is striking: it has won 50 out of the last 99 races. "


L & # 39; Equipe: "Verstappen guarantees glasses, Hamilton celebrates his tenth season win, Mercedes is his fifth tennis player, but Verstappen's day was Ocon's reward, Verstappen was so insulting that he was attacking him physically, which was very appropriate by the stewards. "


Gazzetta dello Sports: "Conquering the builders' title would have been a miracle to Ferrari, but Marlala Interlagos could have expected more, as Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen could have tried to make life difficult for Mercedes, but Vettel shows that he is a traveler defamatory defend more than an assault. "

Corriere dello Sport: "Verstappen-Ocon, Wildwestszenen in Interlagos Mercedes does not shine, but against the builders' title, Ferrari's performance is annoying, Raikkonen continues to clean up, while Vettel goes down again in two weeks in Abu Dhabi, World Cup ends, Ferrari is already thinking next year. "

Tuttosport: "The F1 is about Hamilton, who does not even leave the competitors behind … Vettel is not convincing yet The Mercedes domain is perfect this season. time for Maranello to plan next season. "

The Repubblica: "Hamilton is impracticable, Mercedes can celebrate another title, with Abu Dhabi in two weeks ending the 2018 season that Ferrari would like to forget full of bitterness, a year full of mistakes and waste opportunities."

The Stamp: "Mercedes, king-of-law Formula 1. The team continues with the show with Hamilton, while Miss Ferrari has lost the last of his / her goals for the builder's title in 2018 . At 33, Hamilton has another four or five years at a high level It can be the biggest pilot in history. "


Brand: "Ocon is throwing Verstappen out, and Hamilton's tenth win is coming in. A move that is not too tolerant by Esteban Ocon takes the Dutch victory." Vettel shows himself low, and Germany remains free. "

Like: "Verstappen is really a view of Verstappen, but Hamilton's winner, Verstappen was already rubbing his hands because he was close to winning, but Ocon pushed on a 43 lap. Hamilton accepted the new scenario grateful, Sebastian Vettel's day."

Sports: Verstappen led the race, but Ocon ruined his victory and Hamilton was grateful in recognition of the present, saying the start was that Vettel did not really go. "

The World Sports: "Disregarded how Ocon hit Verstappen and so he brought him an Ocon victory that Hamilton served the victory on the board. Again, there are two serious errors of Seb, who want to forget this compressed season, however What's happening in Formula 1, he always earns Hamilton. "

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