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FC Bayern Championship Celebration: Wild to be professional & professional – Youngster finally went t


At the championship celebration of BC Bayern Munich went on Nockherberg back back. Until late at night, the wild party was full of wheat beer.

The first Weissbier shower lost Arjen Robben coach Niko Kovac – and then there was no stop. The climax was then celebrated with the night at the Paulaner Fanfest on Nockherberg, where the inaugural championship celebration was held until late at night. The tz introduces the party log.

19:46: The team bus goes towards Nockherberg. One is missing: Jerome Boateng skipping the championship celebration. Probably because of a friend's wedding.

20:04: The kicks get to the Nockherberg, Ribéry goes out of the bus with the shell first.

FC Bayern championship celebration on the Nockherberg

© sampics / Pahnke

20.12 Clock: The team enters Paulaner's balcony on Nockherberg – Boateng is still missing. Niklas Süle sings the song Oh Franck Ribéry with ginger and tunic glass in her hand.

20:39: The team enters the dance hall and comes to the stage in a nearby room. Fair motto: The shell stays there! It was read everywhere. For this purpose, the hall was decorated with clouds, and seven were to see – Bavaria float on cloud nine!

FC Bayern championship celebration: Rummenigge has a six minute speech

9:30 pm: CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has given his six-minute speech, the buffet is open! As a main course, there are various pasta dishes, caramelised fish with wok vegetables, Tomahawk steak with baked potatoes, Iberico pork with corn cream or cheeks mixed with veal.

10:30 pm: The party is in full swing. Grammy Cee-Lo Green (hip-hop, R&B) winner warmth the guests, including head of DFL Christian Seifert, general secretary SPD Lars Klingbeil and Charlotte Knobloch.

Robben (center) and Rafinha with the championship shell.

© sampics / Stefan Matzke

Clock 0:36: Mats Hummels asks for the key for the team bus. But he doesn't want to drive himself, just get his suitcase.

1.17 pm: Niko Kovac goes with a friend to a taxi, asks for photos and gives signatures to the fans waiting. The tz congratulates coach Bayern for his first championship title. Later, Kovac drives home in his Audi money.

1.45 clock: The sports director Hasan Salihamidzic enters the taxi with his wife Esther, holding her door politely. At the same time lets Leon Goretzka with love and father of the party.

1.59 clock: James and his girlfriend Shannon De Lima go in the car to recognize. "Mia in the mia," said James as he said goodbye to the fans.

2.04: Hummels drives with friends to the night bar The canteen. The brother Jonas gives a bottle of champagne to the fans who are staying.

FC Bayern: In a championship celebration Lewandowski smacks wildly with his wife

2:06 pm: Robert Lewandowski and his wife Anna wear a taxi and pass the time smooching wildly. As fans break the pig because of requests for pictures, Anna unfortunately says: "Not yet …"

FC Bayern championship celebration on the Nockherberg

© sampics / Pahnke

2:35 pm: Nina and her new wife can be taken by taxi to the Tegernsee.

2.46 clock: Thomas Müller relaxes in the past without observing the fans and also booking a taxi.

Bayern Bay Championship celebration: Süle is moving away with Melissa's last love

2.57 clock: David Alaba and his friends receive Cadillac Escalade.

3 clock: The main party in Nockherberg is officially over.

Video: Ribéry, Müller and Süle celebrate titles with the supporters

3.05 am: Niklas Süle locks the shop, allowing him to be celebrated by the fans and driving home with Melissa's love.

Bayern's leading supporter wanted to relax in the glory of the new champion on Saturday – but flashed: "Unfortunately, no picture for you": Bayern stars turned off Heidi Klum

Bayern CC celebration: statements of Rummenigge master speech

The six-minute masterpiece by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, which received much acclaim, continued well six minutes. The tz comes with pieces. Rummenigge for …

Rafinha: "Rafa is my fast neighbor. And since he was a quick neighbor, the police came occasionally, when a Brazilian style barbecue is celebrated in the summer. At some point, the neighbors didn't come to the house. see, but to see if we can help them – so that the sound ends. I told them then, no problem, you have to buy earphones, then you have peace. "

Ribery: "I'm still able to remember the year 2007. From the first game day, Franck was the hero, and he has stayed so to this day. And I think the connection won't be." between Franck Ribéry and Bayern Munich never came to an end.Our connection is so emotional, amazing as I didn't see often. "

Arjen Robben: "Arjen is a great person. But what I loved was, after 2012, we had this, I'll tell you, dahoam final shit. And when you shot the goal decided in 2013, Uli Hoeneß sat next to me 85th Record, Uli told me: We have to go to extra time, the Dortmund has completely broken, and then I told Uli: Why can we score a goal now? later, Franck hangs, Arjen completed, Bayern Munich is the winner of the Champions League, which was the most emotional party I've ever experienced. "

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