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DFB: Woman as Löw’s successor? TV hero Hartmann gives a macho answer and gets celebrated


Joachim Löw’s term as national coach is inevitably coming to an end. Will a woman even take over this DFB job? Waldemar Hartmann has a very clear view on this.

  • Football Germany is looking for a new national coach – although Joachim Löw is still in his position and dignity.
  • The number of applicants available is very manageable.
  • Correspondent legend Waldemar Hartmann can’t imagine an option at all.

Munich – This personality does not leave anyone indifferent. After all, it’s all about that top office in german football. No later than that 0: 6 Revelation of DFB selection in Spain eager to do so Successor to national coach Joachim Löw discuss. That the World champion trainer from 2014 Hardly anyone thinks he can keep his job after the EM. Many do not even think that the 60-year-old will even sit on the bench in the tournament.

Löw’s successor at the DFB: Suitable candidates like Klopp are currently tied up

The problem of the opponents of Löw and the DFB: There is currently no suitable candidate available. Jürgen Klopp attached to Liverpool Football Club. Thomas Tuchel under contract with Paris St. Germain. Welttrainer Hansi Flick he won a new contract with FC Bayern until 2023. Ac Julian Nagelsmann he has big plans with RB Leipzig.

At present only his predecessor remains with the Red Bulls. For Ralf Rangnick is known to have a Engaged in AC Milan grinding. So you can still puzzle hard about who will inherit the longest-serving national coach in football. Maybe DFB managers do magic Oliver Bierhoff and society boss Fritz Keller yes also a surprise out of the hat.

Löw’s successor at the DFB: Hartmann must ask questions about the national coach

I guess I wanted to German ton-Moderator Matthias Steinbrecher refers to pan Legend of sports reporter Waldemar Hartmann he suddenly asked in an interview: “Now I’ve only heard men all the time. Which Mrs could you think of yourself as The successor of Löw Imagine? “With that he obviously got the educated Franconia always on the wrong foot, because he asked the counter-question to be utterly wicked:” Mhm, uh … like National coach? “

In response to Steinbrecher’s confirmation, Hartmann could hardly contain himself and joke: “Don’t know, maybe when Advertiser in Nivea. But as a national coach … no. “After a short pause, he shook his head and shook his head:” That’s it Time is not yet ripe. “Which, in turn, seemed to surprise Steinbrecher, who continued:” Do you think Germany is not ready for a woman Train the German men’s national team to install it? ”An honest answer from a longtime companion of choice DFB:“ Not only Germany, neither do I. “

Löw’s successor at the DFB: Hartmann gets a lot of support on the Internet to answer macho

Hartmann was probably already aware at that moment that he had begun a discussion within the discussion. A. Solution in Macho form of course based on the Goldwaage installation. And emotionally disassembled in its individual parts. But this time, because of his sometimes thoughtless statements, he has a lot of vulnerability to attack Pre-ARD Moderator a lot of support in Internet.

In Twitter writes user with reference to Patzer Hartmann as a quiz joke in his particular sports ground: “With ‘Wer wird Millionär’ you can go wrong, but it remains fixed on the important questions.” Another even insists that: ‘Waldi for president!’ A third says: “Thank you Waldi for the realistic assessment.” Another user agrees: “Waldi is right. I totally agree with Waldi, what’s the problem? Willing to discuss something like that. “

Löw’s successor at the DFB: Hartmann is celebrated on Twitter as “Legend” and “Hero”

This Twitter friend sees it in the same way: “Well, I have laughing heartily! Waldi is so right! “Of course, there are other voices too – as one user praises it:” The question is well asked because Waldi is so easy Macho open. But it’s pointless as well, as the only candidate imaginable (Martina Voss) is National coach is and others (Inka Grings or Imke Wübbenhorst) im Men’s area you have only regional league experience. “Another remembers a TV star hour from 2003 with then-DFB team manager Rudi Völler:” The mistake is: Waldi wheat beer platform offering. In 2020 has such Stammtisch-Gesabbel no more space. “

But most comments agree with the expert. Another user sends thanks to “Waldi für die cool answerFor another user, the 72-year-old is now at his latest “Waldi Hartmann, presenter, sports reporter, legend, hero!” That should go down like oil. So much Love from the net Hartmann should not be used at all. A clear advantage is not always welcome.

Oh DFB but that would be much more pleasant now. At last one appears Löw’s dismissal not to be completely off the table before the next international games in March. An unequivocal position for or against the coach leaves several days after the Seville’s shame wait. (mg)

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