Wednesday , April 8 2020
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Custody in Hecking and Labbadia

SV Hamburger works hard on the training solution for the coming season. Yesterday, for example, a meeting with Markus Anfang came in public. Former coach Cologne and former friend Kiel of HSV sports director Ralf Becker, the only candidate and occasional also Hannover 96 in conversation.

With Bruno Labbadia and Dieter Hecking, there are also two candidates who have gained a reputation through years of successful work in the Bundesliga. Both led their clubs last season in the Europa League. If one of them did the work on the Elbe, that would be a real achievement for HSV.

Hecking and Labbadia see the risk

But Hecking, who has a penchant for HSV, or to convince Labbadia of gear to the second section, is, tkickerAnything but easy. Both want a team that is completely qualitatively above the rest of the league. If it was not possible to lead the Hanseatic people back to the Beletage, that would be more than a weakness in the Vita.

In other words, the more defensive the transfer policy is, the more weak the squad is and the greater the risk to both instructors. Less expensive – also in terms of pay – this is likely to be the re-league-tested variation. That might be called André Breitenreiter or just Markus's start. Whoever it is, the mission remains the same: Ascent – necessarily.

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