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Command & Conquer to C & C: Red Alert


If you have a nice warm heart looking at this screen, we have very good news for you.If you have a nice warm heart looking at this screen, we have very good news for you.

The old hand between the real-time strategy players is jumping in the square: EA published on Reddit, a remaster of the first Order and Concord, Epithet The Tiberium Conflict and the successor of C & C: Red Alert, come out.

And not like a popular smartphone version, but on the computer! Earlier, the Environment Agency announced plans to think about a File. Now they're clear that they will start at the start of the legendary series of games – so the real-time strategy may not be dead!

In addition, the Environment Agency launches the announcement with a statement that gives hope to the future of C & C:

"One month ago, we let the community know that we brought the brand back to the PC, starting with a remaster enterprise."

That leaves a lot of leeway, even if EA wants to regenerate the franchise even with brand new titles. But that's still guessing, the really genuine information is about C & C 1 and 2 published publications – their announcement will come soon after the reconstruction of Blizzard's Warcraft 3 be released.

Reconciliation of veterans

For the C & C Magazine, Publisher EA works with the developer of Petroglyph, whose founders come to a large extent former developers of Westwood Studios – the developer of both original C & C from the years 1995 and 1996. So, in the new editions of the headteachers Real time signals on the board, who should know the original vision of C & C is very good. So, there are illustrated names such as Joe Bostic, Steve Tall and Mike Legg in the future to bring the classics back into a modern version – with some of the former developers that we have mentioned just a bit ago about the future of the genre:

Is the real-time strategy dead? That's what C & C, Warcraft and Age of Empires creators say

Below you can watch a short video where the developers officially give you the atmosphere for the remaster. By the way, they seem to have just received the news that they are working suddenly on Command & Conquer again.

Both games appear with each other as The Collection of the RuleAccording to EA, the Admissions for the Conflict and Conciliation Orders Orders and the Alliance of Coalition and Transport Alliance for Red Feasts are included in the Revenue package. On the other hand, unpopular EA microtransactions want to discharge it completely.

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