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China Healthwise: Is this a chance to win? ()


According to 09.11.2018, the HKD 0.06 price will be displayed for China's Healthwise contribution in its home market from Hong Kong. The paper belongs to the "Leisure Products" branch.

We have analyzed the prospects for China Healthwise in five main categories. The share receives a partial valuation for each category. Overall, the results result in the distribution as "buying", "holding" or "selling".

1. Wondering and Comment: An important contribution to assessing a proportion is also provided by a longer-term view of Internet communication. For the evaluation, we considered the density criterion of the debate, ie the frequency of reports and the change rate of mood. China Healthwise showed interesting features in this analysis. The negotiation density is equal, so that normal activity can be seen. This results in a "catch" assessment. The change in mood rate has not had a great deal of change during this period. From this, the editors again get a "Hold" score. So, the bottom line is a "Hold" score.

2. Technical Analysis: China Healthwise average closing price for the last 200 trading days is 0.09 HKD at present. The last last price (0.06 HKD) is therefore diverting from -33.33 per cent, which corresponds to a "sell" price from a technical perspective. We look at the average over the last 50 trading days. For this value (HKD 0.06), the latest closure price is close to the mobile average (0 per cent). So, in this case, there is a different valuation of China's Healthwise proportion, a "catch" scale. The bottom is that China's Healthwise shares receive a "catch" degree for simple charting.

3. Comparison of industry Share price: China Healthwise has achieved a performance of -45.95 percent in the last 12 months. A similar equity of the leisure products industry has dropped on average by -1.91 per cent, which is an under-performance of -44.04 percent in the industrial comparison to China Healthwise. The consumer sector had a mean allocation of -1.74 per cent last year. China Healthwise was 44.2 percent lower than this average. The under-performance in the industry and the sector comparison results in a "sales" rating in this category.

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