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Cancer killer: Researchers want to drive cancer cells suicide


Scientists at the International Cancer Research Agency estimate that around 18 million people will contract cancer this year and about 10 million will die. Here are the highest values ​​so far. So, researchers around the world are looking for new treatment options. Now they could have won a huge success.

Millions of cells destroy themselves in our bodies – everyday. This death process is important because it destroys potentially damaging body cells. It's just a cancer cell that it seems to be a immune to this cell suicide. It simply ignores the signs of cell death protection of a immune system. But this is exactly where the key could lie in the fight against cancer. Because if the cancer cell self-destructive mechanism can be installed, it would simply erase itself as any other body cell.

Already last year, scientists from the Northwest University of the United States found that every cell of a human body has a code that can stimulate the death of cells after programming. However, the mechanism behind it, however, could not be taken away by the study author's team, Marcus Peter in his studies. However, they have now succeeded, researchers reported in the Nature Communications magazine. The crash code that has now decrypted could be a milestone in the fight against cancer. Because it could cause the tumor cells to be vulnerable without the use of chemical substances.

As if the cancer cell "had suicide by sets, shoes and jumps from a building"

According to the new study, the slaughter code is deposited as information in the ribonucleic acid (RNA) and in what is called micro-RNAs. These RNA-harmful molecules can also kill cancer cells. Because the cancer can not resist the molecules, as the researchers write. "Micro-RNA can be used to cause cells affected to die in a cell death," says Peter's author. "It's likely to commit suicide by blocking yourself, shoot yourself and jump a building," said the researcher in a statement. "You can not survive this." If possible to synchronize the code that has been decrypted now can be synthetic, "kill the code can be activated without the use of chemotherapy and without gene modifications."

That's what the study intended to do, says the researcher. It should not develop a new, toxic substance only, but use the mechanism that nature has already given us along the way, which is already among us and only needs to be implemented. Now it will be an issue of integrating this mechanism into a new form of cancer therapy. But that could take years.

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This article was written by Lars Riedel

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