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Brsen-Zeitung: End of legend / Comment on the arrest of manager Renault Carlos Ghosn by Martin Fritz | message


Frankfurt (s) – Carlos Ghosn's love was always in Japan:
The Nissan Frenchman rescued bankruptcy, he was fused
Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Triple Alliance to do most
World car maker Manga became a bestseller,
there are songs of praise on him. But Gosn was deep too
hated because foreign countries make it much better than Japan.
The French also suffered from inconvenience of globalization. "Le
Cost Cutter "which ignored Japanese traditions and ancient networks a
He decided only on the basis of numbers.

Their anger was over the sudden cultural change by shareholders
General Nissan air meetings feeding high income
o Ghosn railed. For eight years, Japanese companies have to
Tokyo Stock Exchange of all managers with an annual salary of over 100 million
Yen Report (850,000 euros). Ghosn was usually at the top. before
He justified himself to the shareholders as having to do so much
win as CEO of Western carmakers. But that was one
is busy away because the heads of Toyota and Honda deal much
stay more moderate. In Japan, there is a pay gap between
Workforce and management are much less open than in the West. also
company headteachers are moderators rather than decision makers.

We do not know why there is a Truck of Tokyo Stock Exchange for years around
half of his income had to hide. O & #.; R
In custody, the 64-year-old could not comment on the allegations
express. He may want shareholders and public in Japan
do not stimulate too much. 1 billion yen salary sounds (8.5 million euros)
in Japanese ears more than 2 billion yen. This explanation is
however, contrary to the "other significant number
Offenses ", including the private use of the assets of the company, the
Nissan also discovered.

The internal investigation was done by whistleblower
triggered. So, the word "coup" makes the rounds fast. y
In any case, the board of directors will already have his chair
Wait Thursday without hearing it first. After 19 years
In an overseas rule, the Japanese is obvious for being the last
even raises the scepter in the company "their". y
Most managers will not cry to a Thrust. CEO of Hiroto
Saikawa was criticized openly in the "dark side" of the press
Power concentration in one hand. One guy Ghosn naive,
autocratic or criminal – Japan suffers the end
manager's story.

(Börsen-Zeitung, 20.11.2018)

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